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1.5 carat diamond engagement rings

Getting married to the person you love is one of the best experiences in the world. This journey truly transforms people and marks the beginning of a new chapter in life. So, you need to pick the perfect engagement ring to mark the beginning of this new stage in your life.

Engagement rings are of many types, sizes, designs, and shapes. You must do your research well to know what type of ring your partner will like! Moreover, it is also important to set a budget for this solitaire. One of the most popular choices for an engagement ring is the 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings.

Continue reading if you are ready to take that step forward in your life. Here is everything you need to know if you wish to buy 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings for the happy occasion.

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How much is a 1.5-carat diamond ring?

Many factors influence the price of 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings. The carat of an engagement ring is the weight of the diamond used in the ring. Diamonds can go up to hundreds of carats in weight. The heavier the diamond, the more will it cost.

A 1.5-carat diamond is generally used to make engagement rings because of its perfect size and cost. It is conspicuous enough to look great on your partner’s hand and will fit in your budget. We have a wide range of designs that come in different shapes with a 1.5-carat diamond in engagement rings.

You can expect your 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings to begin at $5,000 approximately. The price of these engagement rings depends on various factors. It increases with every minuscule change that you are sometimes not even visible to the naked eye!

Here are a few factors that affect the price tag on your diamond engagement ring.

1. Quality of the Stone

The quality of the stone plays an important role in determining the cost of 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings. You need to look out for the three Cs. First, the cut of the diamond. The round cut is the most expensive cut of the diamond. Good cuts make your ring sparkle more and hence are more expensive.

The next is the color. Clear diamonds are the most expensive. Any tint or impurities in the shade of diamond will plummet its price. The last is the carat or the weight of the diamond. Higher the carat, higher will be its price.

2. The metal you pick

The diamond you pick will just contribute to a percentage of the ring’s cost. The metal in which this diamond is set is also responsible for influencing the ring’s price. Generally, people choose the platinum metal rings to go with their diamonds. At GoldeNet, we give you a multitudinous array of choices and pairings of metals with diamonds. Moreover, you can build your engagement ring on the platform!

3. Customization

If you are not satisfied with the ring options already available you can always customize your 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings. You can add more diamonds and change the type of metal used in the band or even change its cut.

These customizations will drastically change the price of the ring. As mentioned earlier, each cut, color, and carat of diamond retail at different prices so once you change these aspects you should be ready for a higher price tag on your ring!

Is 1.5 carat a good size?

1.5-carat diamond engagement rings are a popular size of ring among people. These diamond rings are larger than the average 1-carat diamond rings. People pick these rings because of their size and versatility.

The size of the ring generally depends on the person who wears it. Hand sizes vary from person to person. So, wearing a 1.5-carat ring before buying it is the best way to check how it looks and feels.

This ring is of the perfect size and cost. Anything above 1.5-carat will cost you a fortune. These rings look great on fingers, and there is always room to customize them.

If you have a solitaire ring with a 1.5-carat diamond, you can always add more to it and customize it. You can add smaller diamonds on the sides or get encrusted ring bands to make your ring appear larger.

These rings are big enough to look great in any style or cut too. We can offer various cuts and styles in 1.5-carat diamond rings for your engagement on our platform. This carat size is easy to manipulate and will look good with any style of the ring band!

Summing up

Buying 1.5-carat diamond engagement rings is a very smart decision when it comes to ring shopping. These rings are big enough to grab people's attention but come at just the right cost. You can surf the innumerable designs on our website or just walk into one of our stores. However, if you are not happy with the designs on the platform, you are welcome to create your customized ring too!

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