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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Diamond Engagement rings, as the name suggests, feature a beautiful border or ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds that highlight the magnificence of the centrepiece gemstone setting of your choice.

By adding another layer of brilliance around the setting, the effect of this halo makes the engagement ring look grander and more extravagant - with the centrepiece stone often looking much larger and brighter.

GoldeNet Australia offer a vast collection of customisable halo engagement rings in Australia. Our seamless online shopping experience allows you to choose the design, stone, carat and much more - allowing you to create a unique piece that will last a lifetime.

If you require a consultation to help you find or create the perfect halo engagement ring - get in contact with one of the friendly engagement and wedding ring experts at 1300 361 873 or visit our Brighton showroom.

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