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Princess Diamond Engagement Rings

Nothing passionately declares graceful and charming like the elegant cut lines, complementary angles, and gilded edges of a princess cut diamond engagement ring. They deliver a beautiful combination of modern chic meets timeless elegance. The princess cut is elegantly designed to maximize the sparkle and glitter of the gem, while still maintaining the contemporary and stylish look of the square shape cut diamond. The princess cut seamlessly combines timeless elegance with a modern contemporary style.

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What shape is a princess cut?

The princess cut, invented by Arpad Nagy in early 1960 was initially referred to as the profile cut. The princess cut diamond faithfully delivers the same brilliance and remarkable beauty as the classic round cut diamond. The smooth lines of the shape provides a contemporary alternative to the classic round cut while nevertheless possessing the brilliance and glamor. The exquisite shape of a princess cut diamond is square and sometimes even rectangular. The side outline of the cut delivers the splendid view of an inverted prism.

The elegant square cut is the second most popular cut of glittering diamond after the round cut diamond. This dazzling square or rectangular cut has distinct lines and angles that add to the allure of the engagement ring. With a gorgeous finish of over 70 small facets that add slyly to the glamour and dazzle of this brilliant cut, it is both feminine and charming. A brilliant-cut that brings chic and contemporary to that modern elegant style that boldly declares appeal and glamour.

What style of ring suits a princess cut diamond best?

The distinct style and luxurious setting of the engagement ring are as important as the magnificent diamond. The elegant shape of the prongs and the specific number of the prongs all add to the glamour of the engagement ring. In notable fact, there are several setting options, each undoubtedly bringing its own unique style and an impressive finish to the specific setting.

From a solitaire setting where the Princess cut diamond obviously occupies the center attraction and gleams and sparkles with maximum light to an antique style ring with more detailed and striking features. Or for a bold, extravagant look that is guaranteed to make a statement, the halo setting features more petite sparkling diamonds that are typically set to encircle the center princess cut stone giving the impressions it is even larger. Selecting your unique setting presents the ideal opportunity for you to add a little of your own intimate flair to the elaborate design.

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