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Wedding Band Advice

The engagement ring symbolises a promise to spend the rest of your lives together. The wedding band is the fulfilment of that promise. The exchanging of the wedding bands during the marriage ceremony is accompanied by a pledge to love and cherish one another “till death do us part”. The wedding band, the circle of eternal love, has been a crucial part of the wedding ceremony for many centuries and will continue to be a meaningful part of the ceremony for many more.

Choosing the wedding band that is right for you is an important decision as this band will be with you forever. Everyone has their own style and therefore at GoldeNet Australia our range of wedding bands for both men and women is endless. However knowing which band is for you is no easy feat. The wedding band is the only part of your wedding day that remains with you forever, except your partner of course. The weddings bands are a symbol of the love you and your partner share, the day you took your vows to be by each others side forever. Therefore you need to choose a ring that you will be happy to wear forever!

There are a few simple steps that GoldeNet Australia recommends you apply to help you choose the perfect wedding bands:

  1. What material to choose.
    You need to decide what material you would like the wedding band to be made in. For women you wedding band will sit right on top of your engagement ring and therefore should be made in the same material as the engagement ring, for example platinum, yellow gold or white gold. For men, you need to choose the material you are going to feel comfortable wearing every day. The band should reflect your style, tastes and personality. Refer to our information regarding the difference between gold and platinum to provide you with more of an insight on the available materials.
  2. What shape to choose.
    After you know what material you are going to be wearing it is time to choose the shape of the ring. Are you after a rounded shape or a more square shape? The best way to decide on the shape is to look at our extensive range of wedding bands which will help you make your decision. For women it is very important to keep the shape of your engagement ring in mind as they need to complement each other and the shape of the band should be very similar so they can be worn comfortably on the same finger.
  3. Width of the band.
    The next step is to decide on the bands width. The basic rule when buying rings is that width adds width and length adds length. A narrow band will become lost on a larger hand and a flatter band looks better on a smaller finger, whereas a pattern is good for people with slender fingers as it provides the illusion of a wider finger. However the most important piece of advice we can offer you is choose a width you are going to be comfortable wearing. Some people become irritate by a thick band whether they have narrow or wide fingers, whereas some people like a thick band as it is more obvious. Traditionally the brides wedding band was wider then the grooms however in the present day there is no such rule.
  4. Diamonds or no diamonds. Pattern or no pattern.
    The next step is to decide whether you would like a plain wedding band or one with diamonds or a pattern. A band with diamonds makes a larger visual impact. Larger stones look better on a larger hand where as a smaller hand will look great with a series of smaller stones in a channel or prong setting. You also have to take into account the type of stones in the engagement ring and make sure the stones you want for the wedding band complement the engagement ring. With men’s wedding band, it is not as popular to have diamonds in the wedding band; most men opt for a plain band. This is not to say that men cannot have diamonds in their wedding band if they wish.
    There are also many patterns that one can have on their wedding band, please visit the site to view our range of patterned wedding bands.

The man’s wedding band:
The wedding band for most men is the only piece of jewellery they wear. Therefore the men’s wedding band needs to be a careful choice. The groom may be very excited to wear a wedding band and want something lavish or he be the other extreme and wants something very plain. Have a look at the site as there is bound to be a ring which takes your fancy.

Just remember the wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment. At GoldeNet Australia we have a large collection of wedding bands to help you portray this love to one another. Remember if you do not find your dream wedding band please contact us and we can custom make any design for you at a great price.