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Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Nothing says unique and individual like a platinum, white gold or yellow gold band with a beautifully selected oval cut diamond. The oval engagement ring presents a distinct difference from the classic round cut and brings a touch of beauty and graceful elegance to the design. An engagement ring eloquently expresses a special metaphor in a relationship. It represents the sacred bond, devoutness, and intimate connection between two people. It also symbolizes the road traveled and signals the beginning of a new journey traveled together. Nothing represents this commitment better than the uniqueness and sparkle of a brilliant oval cut diamond engagement ring.

About Oval Engagement Ring

Cutting diamonds and other gems into ovular shapes has been traditionally practiced time and again for hundreds of years. However, it was only in the 1950s that the oval cut we associate with the modern oval cut diamond ring was invented. This sleek, brilliant-cut is the invention of Lazare Kaplan, a Russian born diamond cutter, well-known for meticulously creating unique beauty from broken, cracked, and flawed diamonds. The design has gained popularity for its modern uniqueness and graceful curves. It offers all the dazzling charm of the classic round cut diamond but boldly makes a statement to its uniqueness!

Why Choose An Oval Engagement Ring

One of the ubiquitous features of an oval cut diamond is that even the smallest carat can give the appearance that it is bigger. This is as a result of the drawn-out, elongated shape which covers a 10% wider surface area as a classic round cut diamond of the same carat. With the standard 57-58 facets, the classic oval cut offers the same glamour and dazzling splendor of the timeless classic round cut diamond. Every unique angle adds to the glittering finish of the diamond. The elongated and deep setting allows for a personalized touch like flanking your oval cut diamond with sparkling accent stones and gems. A distinct contrast from the classic round cut diamond with all the same charm, beauty, and radiant grandeur.

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