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2 carat diamond engagement rings

An Engagement ring symbolizes the beautiful journey of love, dedication and commitment of two people who decide to spend lives together. It signifies new beginnings and comes with a lot of excitement and exhilaration.

Since the purpose of buying an engagement ring is so special, the engagement ring itself must be unique too. If you are looking for the most beautiful and elegant engagement rings for your partner, your search ends at GoldeNet! From different cuts to colours, GoldeNet offers you a wide collection of stunning diamond engagement rings.

One of the most popular options for diamond engagement rings is the 2-carat diamond engagement rings. These engagement rings are beautiful and come in different shapes and designs. Grab everyone’s attention and get giddy with all that happiness when you wear a 2-carat diamond engagement ring.

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Price: $19,284

How much is a 2-carat diamond engagement ring?

The cost of 2-carat diamond engagement rings largely varies from design to design. You can buy these rings anywhere between $8,000 to a whopping $100,000 too! The price tag on the diamond ring depends on the design and the quality of the diamond.

The ‘carat’ of the diamond plays a major role in determining its cost too. This carat is essentially the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat of the diamond, the higher will be its cost.

Bigger diamonds are heavier and hence rare. A 1-carat diamond will be easier to find whereas 2-carat diamonds will be rarer and hence, more expensive too.

Other factors also play an important part in estimating the value of the diamond. Apart from the carat, here are three other things that can affect the price of 2-carat diamond engagement rings.


A colourful diamond is not considered to be as rare as a clear diamond. Even if the diamond has a tint to it, its price deteriorates significantly. This price also varies depending on the amount of colour the diamond possesses. It also varies with what colour it is.

Note: Be it brown or yellow, a clear diamond is always worth more than a coloured one.


The cut of a diamond refers to the angles at which a diamond is shaped. These angles reflect light in a different direction. This gives it an illusion of the diamond sparkling under direct light. There are many different types of cuts observed in the market. The more intricate the work, the more sparkle you will observe.

So, the price of your diamond ring also depends on its cut and how sparkly it looks in the light. A few common types of cuts seen in 2-carat diamond engagement rings are round cuts, cushion cut, peach cut, and princess cut.


The clarity of a diamond is another crucial factor. The diamond clarity is the assessment of small imperfections on the surface and within the diamond. It is common knowledge that not all diamonds are the same, and all of them are unique in their appearance and form in one way or the other. This uniqueness is seen in the form of flaws or blemishes on their surface.

The clarity is then graded by professionals, and it further determines the price of a diamond. These diamonds are graded on an 11-point scale of clarity. This clarity is further divided into two sections, eye-clean and non-eye-clean.

The eye-clean imperfections are the flaws that are not visible to the naked eye and are a part of its composition. These diamonds are graded from:

  • Flawless (FL) or internally flawless (IF) categories
  • Very Very slightly included (VVS1)
  • Very Very slightly included 2 (VVS2)
  • Very slightly included 1 (VS1)
  • Very slightly included 2 (VS2)
  • Slightly included 1 (SI1)
  • Slightly included 2 (SI2)

Then there are non-eye-clean categories that include noticeable flaws. These diamonds are ranked under the following categories:

  • Included 1 (I1)
  • Included 2 (I2)
  • Included 3 (I3)

This clarity aspect may sound confusing, but your 2-carat diamond engagement rings can become significantly more expensive if they have a high-enough grade.

Note: Natural diamonds are formed under the surface of the earth and thus, have a few imperfections on their surface.

Is a 2-carat diamond too big?

When you think of buying an engagement ring, you are concerned about its appearance and size. Noticeable diamonds are naturally more expensive and will be rare to come across. On average, people buy 0.9-carat diamonds for engagement rings. So, if you buy 2-carat diamond engagement rings, they will definitely look big and conspicuous on your hand.

Tip: Before you buy an engagement ring, you must see how it looks on your hand.

A 2-carat ring is one of the most popularly demanded sizes by women. Most 2-carat diamond engagement rings are big enough to take up a lot of space on your hands. However, if you want to make it look bigger without spending too much money, there are a few illusionary tricks you can try to make your ring look bigger than its actual size.

Wondering what they are? Here is what you can do to make your 2-carat diamond engagement rings look bigger than they already are.

Buy a long cut

An elongated 2-carat diamond will occupy more space on your finger than a round cut diamond. So, if you get yourself an oval emerald or even a peach cut diamond, it will look bigger on your finger.

Buy multiple stone rings

Let your 2-carat diamond be the centre of attraction of the ring. Add 2 more diamonds on the side that are smaller in size to give the illusion of a bigger ring!

Trust GoldeNet to buy your diamond engagement rings

Buying 2-carat diamond engagement rings is a very common practice seen all over the world. Many consider it to be the perfect size of a wedding ring too. If you are in search of the perfect engagement ring, then check out our collection today. With a wide array of engagement ring options available, you will be amazed by the stunning collection of rings we have!

Walk in the GoldeNet showroom or select one from our online store to purchase high-quality diamond engagement rings today!

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