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Design & Build Your Own Engagement Ring

At GoldeNet Australia we believe that if you cannot find a pre-set ring that you like from our range we want you to build your own ring.

This is an extremely popular function as it gives you the option of being the designer. Most people come to our website looking for the ring they have pictured in their minds. We have a large range of ring settings for you to choose from and an even larger range of loose diamonds to accompany the ring setting, which means you are sure to find the ring you have pictured.

The concept of building your own ring encompasses two simple steps:

Step 1. Choose your setting.

The first step is to choose the setting you want. We have a large range of settings which include solitaire settings – where you need to choose the type of band you would like the single diamond to sit on.
Three stone settings – where the band comes with two diamonds on either side of the centre stone (which you choose later)
Side stone settings – where there are diamonds on the actual band.

Please note that many of the build own pictures of the settings do include a centre diamond. This is only to provide you with a picture of what the setting will look like with the centre stone. The centre stone is not actually included as this is the next step of the process. Therefore the listed price is ONLY for the setting and does not include the centre diamond.

Once you have chosen the type of setting you would like to have on your ring, it is time to choose the centre diamond.

Step 2. Choose your diamond.

At GoldeNet Australia our range of loose diamonds is extremely large. We have diamonds to suit all shapes, sizes and budgets. Therefore in this step you can narrow your search using many search categories such as: shape, colour, cut, clarity, weight and price. The result will be a list of diamonds which fit your search criteria. There is sure to be the perfect diamond for you. However please have a read of our Loose Diamond Policy.

Once you have chosen the centre diamond you would like to sit in your setting you are finished. Now all you need to do is proceed to the shopping cart and purchase your self designed ring.

If you have not found the setting or the diamond you had in mind, please contact us as we can custom make any design for you and we will be more than happy to talk to you about the type of ring you were wanting.

To start building your own ring please click here.