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Platinum diamond engagement rings

Take your partner’s breath away with our stunning collection of platinum diamond engagement rings. With its beautiful long-lasting white sheen, they’re designed to make the ultimate statement of forever love. Platinum engagement rings are one of our most popular ring styles, owing to its choice in metal. Platinum is highly durable, stronger and the perfect backdrop to showcase and emphasise the beauty of your centre diamond. Epitomizing elegance, timeless beauty and the ultimate in sophistication, browse the full range of our platinum diamond engagement rings today.

SKU: 5332
Price: $1,533
SKU: 5340
Price: $2,750
SKU: 5385
Price: $2,039
SKU: 5312
Price: $3,702
SKU: 5300
Price: $4,443
SKU: 5308
Price: $7,499
SKU: 5310
Price: $2,433
SKU: 7278
Price: $1,533
SKU: 5342
Price: $1,716
SKU: 5301
Price: $2,475
SKU: 5367
Price: $1,781
SKU: 7247
Price: $1,423
SKU: 5305
$2,103 , $2,205
SKU: 7265
Price: $2,187
SKU: 6374
Price: $2,146
SKU: 5387
Price: $2,433
SKU: 5412
Price: $3,110
SKU: 6453
Price: $2,049
SKU: 7254
Price: $2,369
SKU: 7235
Price: $1,716
SKU: 5325
Price: $2,972
SKU: 5365
Price: $7,046
SKU: 5311
Price: $2,348
SKU: 5324
Price: $2,750
SKU: 6371
Price: $2,039
SKU: 5304
Price: $2,850
SKU: 5338
Price: $2,750
SKU: 5451
Price: $2,496
SKU: 5337
Price: $2,750
SKU: 5339
Price: $2,369
SKU: 5363
Price: $2,210
SKU: 6454
Price: $4,443
SKU: 5364
Price: $2,433
SKU: 7172
Price: $4,337
SKU: 5336
Price: $1,533
SKU: 7263
Price: $2,644
SKU: 5306
Price: $2,103
SKU: 5303
Price: $3,575
SKU: 7314
Price: $2,898
SKU: 5341
Price: $1,478
SKU: 5294
Price: $2,210
SKU: 5327
Price: $2,170

Why should I choose a platinum engagement ring?

Of all the metals used for engagement rings, platinum is by far the rarest. It is also the purest metal, with platinum alloys being composed of 97% pure platinum. For this reason, it’s the perfect choice in showcasing the amount of love you have for your partner and your desire in setting up a lifetime of love, happiness and joy.

With its purity, platinum engagement rings are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Its hypoallergenic nature is highly unlikely to cause any irritation that can come with other types of metals. Platinum is also highly durable, malleable and dense, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Another benefit is that platinum is a naturally white metal that stays white, whereas white gold may need to be repolished in order to avoid a yellow hue. If you’re after something that will stand the test of time with its everlasting lustrous white glow, then look no further than our range of platinum diamond engagement rings.

Who’s wearing platinum engagement rings?

Platinum diamond engagement rings are a popular choice, being seen on the hands of many celebrities and royals including Princess Beatrice, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Natalie Portman, Liz Hurley, Emily Blunt, Gisele Bündchen and so much more. They’re really the perfect choice in encapsulating the commitment and promise of lifetime love.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, GoldeNet has the skills, passion and expertise to help you find your perfect platinum diamond engagement ring. Browse our full range of platinum engagement rings today and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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