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Bridal Jewellery

Getting married is not only about receiving a sensationally gorgeous diamond engagement ring, it is also very important to have the right jewellery on the big day to match your beautiful wedding dress. What better jewellery for the bride to be wearing than diamond jewellery.

Depending in the type and style of wedding dress you will be wearing you may need a beautiful diamond necklace or pendant to give that extra ‘wow’ factor to your look on the day. Buy accessorising with a diamond necklace or pendant you enhancing the dress. However some gowns will not be able to be worn with a necklace or pendant, and that is where a diamond bracelet can do the job. Buy wearing a diamond bracelet when you move both during the ceremony and at the reception party you will be omitting sparkles of light when you move the hand adorning the diamond bracelet and nothing is more beautiful than the sparkle of diamonds.

The most obvious piece of jewellery to be wearing is diamond earrings. No matter whether you wear your hair up or down the sparkle of a diamond can always been seen. Whether you choose diamond stud earrings or diamond dorp earrings no one will miss the sparkle.

However bridal jewellery is not only for the bride there are bridesmaids to consider as well. The same rules apply for bridesmaids, it will depend on the style of the bridesmaid dresses as to whether a pendant or necklace can be worn, a diamond bracelet is always a good option and of course those diamond earrings are a winner.

To view our range of bridal jewellery click on the following links and remember we can also custom make any item to perfectly match those beautiful dresses and make your wedding day special and elegant.

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