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Classic Wedding Rings

The classic wedding band is the go-to ring for men who want to express their style and romanticism. The timeless designs of our classic wedding rings are the traditional choice and represent eternal love.

Classic wedding rings follow the philosophy of ‘less is more’ with its subtle and clean finish. Choose from a wide range of classic ring designs and customise your own precious metals from the traditional 14K White Gold to the beautiful 14K Rose Gold. No matter what your budget or look is we are sure you will find value, comfort and convenience with GoldeNet. v So if you’re looking for a classic wedding band and need further expert advice in making your selection, contact GoldeNet Australia on 1300 361 873 or complete our online enquiry form today. We will provide free consultation with a qualified jeweller who will guide you to making the right choice.

Want to see them for yourself? We have a showroom in Melbourne Australia! If you want more information about wedding rings check out our blog page here.

Not found what you’re looking for? We can custom make a ring for you or book your free appointment with us.

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