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Pave Engagement Rings

Deriving from the French term, Pave Diamond Engagement rings are characterised by an unbroken, dazzling expanse of sparkling diamonds. Small sections of precious metal work as prongs to help secure these smaller diamonds into place on either side of the centrepiece gemstone setting of your choice. Pave Engagement Rings are ideal if your partner likes a lot of sparkle and shine - and also likes to have the whole ring that showcases the design, rather than just the centre stone. Whether you’re after a white gold pave diamond ring, or one with another metal type, diamond cut or stone type, GoldeNet Australia provide a seamless online platform for those wishing to easily customise their rings online. If you would like a consultation with one of our diamond and ring experts - contact us on 1300 361 873 or visit us in our Brighton showroom.

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