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4 Common Misconceptions About Buying Engagement Rings

Traditionally the perception of engagement rings being bought is usually seen as an in-store affair. When the time is right, your first impulse might be to visit a store that you might have passed multiple times on your way to work or shopping in the area.

It can be intimidating looking for a ring by yourself because it’s hard to know how to buy it let alone what to buy, so naturally we find ourselves trusting the jeweller.

However, the jeweller may not be always right. Depending on the store, the jeweller might have an agenda to meet their sales targets, and as a result, can perpetuate some misconceptions about ring buying, ultimately pushing you to buy an engagement ring that might not be right for your partner.

Below we try to clear up some misconceptions about buying engagement rings and buying them from online stores.

It’s too complicated

Your jeweller may start throwing around complicated & technical terms that might make the ring buying ordeal feel too complicated. As a result, we feel like relying on the jeweller’s opinion is probably the best way to navigate around these technical aspects of buying a ring.

However, this might be problematic especially when buying an engagement ring is such a subjective matter. Details like understanding personality, fashion sense, what they do for a living, any hobbies they might have all impact what choice of ring would be suitable for them for a lifetime. Your jeweller won’t know every little detail about you or your soon to be fiancé to give you the best options.

With information becoming easily accessible in all online channels, you can almost find the same amount of knowledge and information your expert jeweller would be supplying you in-store. The difference is, you can form your own opinion about the information presented rather than have someone decide for you.

It also allows you to take things at your own pace, and without the pressure of having to get in and out of a store. Blogs such as these help to educate people on pieces of information that will be useful to you in finding the perfect ring for your significant other. Best of all, you’ll find out very quickly that it is not as complicated as it seems.

Custom rings are too expensive

Perhaps more than a decade ago, engagement rings might have been expensive to customise but now with newer technologies, expert jewellers are honing their craft from all around the world. Believe it or not, high quality custom made rings aren’t as expensive as they used to be anymore.

In addition, since everything has moved onto the internet, you can custom make and order your ring from anywhere, anytime and at the fraction of the price compared to going in-store.

You can’t find good rings at affordable prices

There used to be a perception that you must save at least 2 month’s worth of your salary before you can consider buying a good engagement ring. Not only is this notion unrealistic, but now with online stores, you have access to thousands of different options at competitively lower prices.

Remember a good ring is not one that is expensive, but one that your partner will love based on style & feel. Don’t blow your budget and put yourself in debt by getting a ring that you can’t afford. We’re sure that your partner would much rather you not go into the next phase of your lives together with a debt looming over your heads.

The bigger is better

In engagement ring talk, bigger is not always better, but it is understandable why there are misconceptions about it. The bigger the diamond, the more it sparkles and the more it means you love her.

Size isn’t everything

Truth is, sometimes bigger rings can be impractical and nowadays people can enjoy a variety of rings of different and unique designs. There are also many attributes of a stone that can contribute to its overall beauty such as clarity, colour and cut. Instead of buying a bigger diamond, buy a higher quality one.

In the end, purchasing an engagement ring requires planning, organising and budgeting. Online stores allow you the freedom to take your time, research and compare rings, costs, types, style and to form your own opinions about what is best for you and your partner. If you’re thinking of buying an engagement ring, you should try it online. You might be pleasantly surprised by the types of designs you find and savings you can achieve!

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