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The Advantages of Purchasing 2 Carat Diamonds

For the most dazzling shining stones, the dimension matters, really? While selecting the ornament which you are going to wear for years and for sure you will be expecting it to shine and glisten forever. That is the prime reason why 2 Carat diamonds are popular amongst women when it comes to engagement rings.

Allow us to convince you with the following justifications:

Outrageous value:
Most of us believe that 2 carat diamonds are more costly compared to 1 carat. Yes it’s pretty obvious it will cost close to twice the money you will pay for 1 carat. But the noticeable point is that, 2 carat diamonds are rarely found so they are considered even more precious & hence the price hike is quite evident. For example, a 2 carat diamond of round brilliant cut of G color, VS1 clarity, and a “triple excellent” rating is 4X costlier than 1 carat diamond with the same features. If you are planning to pick up any diamond then a 2 carat diamond would be an excellent choice whether buying it loose or studded because they are way more precious than the ordinary ones.

Voluminous Appearance:
Surface area is the prime reason why a 2 carat studded diamond seems to appear bigger than the smaller carat valued diamonds. When studded in a jewellery piece, a 1 carat diamond tends to cover a surface area of 33 mm 2 whereas a 2 carat will acquire 52 mm 2. Hence the area increment is nearly 50% which gives us visual satisfaction of seeing a bigger diamond.

Variety of alternatives:
A 2 carat diamond will stand out of the crowd whenever studded in a piece of jewellery like an engagement ring, pendant necklace or say a delicate pair of earrings. Another advantage is you get various setting options because this diamond shouts ‘I am gorgeous’ in all types of halo settings, larger peripheral stone designs or pave detailing. Smaller diamonds do not look as breathtaking in intricate jewellery pieces whereas a 2 carat diamond dazzles in the crowd.

No Requirement to Upgrade:
Many men tend to buy smaller diamond engagement rings today and then trade for a bigger one in future. 2 carat bigger diamonds are generally not traded for bigger ones in the future as they are already a fantastic size that any woman will be ecstatic to wear. Buying a 2 carat diamond might be a little heavier on your pocket but trust me it’s worth investing in. Take some time in choosing the right diamond but remember a 2 carat won’t let you down - ever.