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Many People Don’t Know The Basics of Diamond

Diamond is a more significantly developed of carbon and also contains a crystal structure. By their nature, diamonds are composed deep in the interior of the earth, under high temperature and pressure.

Generally there are three types of diamonds.

  1. Natural
  2. Synthetic
  3. Simulated

There are some differences between natural, synthetic and simulated diamond.


Natural diamonds have been found in 35 different countries around the world in which Australia is the major industrial producer. The whole process of preparing it for industry and market is not an easy task. In the modern age, the satellites and aeroplanes have improved the chances of finding the diamond rich areas. The possibilities are found in special type of rock formation called 'KIMBERLITE'. The natural diamonds are found in different types of colours such as yellow, brown, pink, purple and orange due to the lattice effect and impurity. In general, the nitrogen is the common impurity found in these gems and responsible for the colour.


Synthetic diamonds are those gems which are made by using different types of technical methods such as temperature, pressure, and chemical techniques. There are some different institutes and industries available which makes these type of diamond. They take an average 4 days to grow a diamond to 2.5 carats by using different pressure and temperature methods improving the chances of finding its rich areas.


As the price of natural diamond is very high, a simulated one is invented at low cost and with same gemmological characteristics. They are also known as 'IMITATIONS'. Nowadays, the most common material used for making the simulated diamonds is high leaded glass such as rhinestone and cubic zirconia. Almost the simulated diamonds are similar to the real diamond but always it has a defect which differentiates it from the real one.