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Basic Understanding of the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is sign of loyalty, love and commitment shared via a couple. A diamond ring, irrespective of its value and material stands for eternity as well as connection true to its circular shape.

Every couple picks the design and shape of the ring as an ideal reflection of their loving relationship. The purchase of a wedding or engagement ring is probably the primary major decision as well as investment in a couple's bond. Here are several basic terminologies discussed that can assist couples to become educated about diamond engagement rings.

  1. Design: It is the general look of the ring together with the colours, settings and stone arrangement.
  2. Setting: This symbolises the way the diamond stones and all further gemstones of the engagement ring are arranged as well as held together.
  3. Cut:The shape provided to a diamond that in turn affects its value as well as shine.
  4. Clarity:The extent of perfection or flawlessness of the diamond.
  5. Carat: The whole weight of a stone (generally diamond) and an essential determinant of the cost of ring.
  6. Colour: The hue of the diamond or gemstone; again utilised to find out its worth.
  7. Solitaire: A beautiful ring having single diamond mounted on it.

A custom made diamond ring is always a lovely idea if you have something particular in mind. The first choice of the groom or bride who would be putting on the ring - in terms of the metal (white gold, gold or platinum), the cutting of the diamond, the setting (the basic framework in which the diamond is mounted) and the style of the chosen ring (classic or vintage) – ought to be given significance. While purchasing a diamond ring it is important to remember the 4 C's - cut, colour, clarity and carat. Diamond rings of 1 carat and more ought to be in the company of a genuine diamond grading report provided by an independent gemological association. A diamond ring bought with such serious consideration would not just be a real reflection of the relationship between two people but also cultivate in value over the years exactly like their pure love.

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