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Find Out Her Ring Size without her Finding out

Suggested are few ways to find out her ring size:

1. Straight but elusive

Ask your woman directly but in a subtle way. Otherwise pretend you have to purchase the ring for somebody else. Or you can always buy her an inexpensive ring and confirm the size prior to ordering the real diamond ring.

2. Friends are the way to go

Friends really make a great source of information. Chances are they might know her ring size and if they don’t they will get the size somehow & will deliver the vital information to you. Bang! Bull’s eye!

3. Borrow it from her

Now this is tricky. Sneak any of her rings which she generally wears on the ring finger of her right hand. This size is the closest to her ring finger of left hand. If you are unable to find this type, than do not hesitate in picking any other ring you can find. Jewellers are experienced enough to predict nearly the same size of the ring finger. Do not pick her favourite as she may realise that the ring has gone missing and start asking questions or become upset that she misplaced it.

4. Trace it

This method generally works. Take one of her rings, and trace it on the paper from inside and outside multiple times till the results looks constant every time you draw, your jeweller can use this to measure the ring size.

5. Involve the Engaged

If any of your partner’s friends are engaged do not hesitate to ask for help. They can surely get your partner to try on their ring and suss out her size from that. After this trial you will be able to narrow down the range a bit more and chances are high you will also obtain some information about the type of ring she would want one day when she becomes engaged.

6. Finger Comparison

Hold her hand and compare your hand with hers. This may sound a bit unrealistic but this trick works. Chances are high that any one of fingers will find a near match to hers.

7. Master stroke

Some people discuss marriage in their life. If this is the case with you, than do not hesitate in asking her ring size & the kind of ring which she wish to have as much in advance to proposing as possible. But don’t be surprised if your surprise fails as she is on to you. However she still will have an element of surprise as she does not know the actual day you will propose.


Above are a few tried and tested tricks. However, the most accurate way to do this is to visit a jeweller because approximations may not turn out to perfect and you will need to resize the ring after you have given it to her.

When talking about custom engagement rings, please do visit the jeweller so they can suggest the most suitable ring for your partner’s finger.

Interesting Ring Size Facts:

  1. Our dominant hand tends to be slightly bigger & thicker.
  2. The average woman’s ring size is 6 to 6.5.
  3. Nowadays, free ring sizers are also available to make sizing easier.
What if you are unable to figure out the right size?

You absolutely don’t have to worry. Nowadays, temporary settings of rings are also available. You propose you her with this ring and can return to the jeweller according to the jewellers return policies in exchange of the perfect ring for your perfect Hun.