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Choosing Custom Made Engagement Rings According to Zodiac Signs

An engagement ceremony is a life changing event for you and your partner so it has to be special and memorable, but how will you make it special? A special engagement ring does that all for you. You can make your engagement ring special by choosing it according to zodiac signs. Here are some tips that will tell you which gemstone on your engagement ring better suits your partner according to his/her Zodiac sings and his/her characteristics and what type of ring your partner will like to wear.


Aries are the people with birth date from March 21 to April 19. They are boldest and most daring people of all 12 zodiacs. A simple diamond with a simple cut will not do much for your ring. A princes cut diamond or a ruby will better suit him or her. Your partner will be happy to wear this ring.

Diamonds are best suitable for Aries. This will make them calm and patient.


The Taurus people have birth dates from April 20 to May 20. These people love to wear royal and grand things. They like textures and something a little bit embellished, so presenting a simple cut-diamond ring wont impresses your partner very much. A ring with a diamond surrounded by little diamonds make the wearer feel special.

An emerald in the ring will bring happiness in wearer’s life. You can use an emerald in the ring instead of a white diamond.


These people are born from 21 May to 20 June. They are fun loving. They make every movement full of joy. They will love to wear what is attractive and eye grabbing. Your partner will love to wear a solitaire ring but they like a big diamond too.

Agate or a sappier gemstone can make the wearer cool and a nice person. You can use this stone to make your engagement ring prettier for your partner who has Gemini as his/her zodiac.


These people are born between June 21 to July 22. They love everything to be classy. These people, especially women, love to wear pearls. A ring with a pearl surrounded with diamonds will make their day awesome.

Ruby gemstones are good for cancers this can also be used in a combination of pearls. This ring will make the wearer‘s visions clear and deterministic.


These people have birthdates from 23 July to August 22. They command and demand attention everywhere they go. They will love to wear a fiery yellow diamond with a thick gold band.

Onyx is the best Gemstone for this zodiac. This will make them more generous and caring. Onyx can also be used instead of fiery yellow diamonds.


These people came into this world between August 23 to September 22. These are art loving people. They are fine and observant. They like delicate things to wear. A ring with a simple diamond and thin band having small diamond inserted in into it will delight your partner.

Carnelian is the best gemstone for Virgo. It provides inner strength and confidence. This can be inserted at the place of diamond.


Libras have birthdates between September 23 to October 22.This type of persons like to stand out in a crowd. So this quality says that their ring has to be different. A peAr-cut or princess-cut diamond ring will be best suited to them. The array of diamonds on the band will delight her/him.

Opal is the stone advised for Librans. These will activate their inner creativity and innovations. Use this stone on the ring. That will bring new excitement and thrill in your relationship too.


These people have birth dates between October 23 to November 21.This kind of person is sensitive, passionate and emotional. The ring should speak their feelings. The array of diamonds with dark rubies will delight your partner.

Garnets are said to be a perfect stone for Scorpios. Garnet brings out the sensuality and inner beauty out. Garnets and ruby combinations will make your engagement ring more colorful and heart touching.


Their birthdates are between between November 22 to December 21. The Sagittarius people especially women love blue. Any shade of blue, sky-blue stone on their ring will make them happy. Solitaire and sapphire are the best options to choose.

Turquoise is used for Sagittarius to enhance their inner strength and control their temper. This will make their ring different.


Capricorns are born on the dates falling in-between December 22 to January 19. These people are ambitious and always wish to be ahead of everyone else. They are the kind of person who seeks power. An emerald cut diamond ring will really touch their heart.

Snowflake Obsidian is advisable to wear by Capricorns. This Enhance their leadership qualities.


Birthdates of Aquarius are held in-between January 20 to February 18. These kinds of people are charming and love to talk. The ring should be a statement in itself. The halo-cut diamond ring will do all for you.

Hematite and Amber are the helpful stones for them. This stone provides them with discipline and helps with emotions. This stone can be inserted in the ring to make it special for your partner to be more focused.


February 19 to march 20 is the duration of Pisces’s birth dates. These people love to reside in dreams. They like stories and tales. They like something which they can get lost in. They like to wear simple round-cut diamonds inserted into gold band.

Bloodstones will make your ring more beautiful and your partner’s life safe and on track.

Choose your Custom Made Engagement rings which is perfectly suits your would-be-bride or groom and their personality and the ring that help to overcome their weaknesses by choosing the appropriate gemstone.