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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

For many, the process of proposing to your significant other can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences in your life. From asking their parents, choosing the right time and place, to finding the right ring - there’s a lot that goes into planning for that one special moment.

The pressure is also elevated when you consider that this ring is a tangible ‘token of your love’, and an item that will be shown to a lot of people. But, hopefully we can help ease the stress in choosing the perfect ring for the occasion.

How do you choose the perfect engagement ring?

Establish a budget

As unromantic as it sounds, it is important to choose a price range that you are comfortable with. You might start by doing a bit of research on the average cost of rings, and assessing it with what you can financially afford.

Find out her ring size

Ask her friends or family about her ring size. You could measure her ring finger with string if she’s a deep sleeper - or if you’re in luck, you could find the ring size by measuring it against any jewellery she might wear on her ring finger. The average women’s ring finger size is usually a size 6 - but it’s always better to get a bigger size, as you would rather the ring fit in that special moment, even if it is a bit loose. You can always get it fitted properly later as resizing of a ring is a normal process.

Understand her style

This will require you to pay a lot of attention to what she wears and what type of personality she has - but it is arguably the most important step to finding a ring she will be over the moon about.

The most obvious thing to take note of is what jewellery she currently wears. Is it gold, silver, bronze or platinum? Does she wear a lot of bold, statement pieces? If yes, you would want to get a more extravagant ring. If she doesn’t wear jewellery, you might opt for a simple, minimalistic ring.

You might even find that she likes wearing rings with her birthstone. So this might be a thoughtful idea that you could use in place of the standard diamond centrepiece.

Another thing to consider is whether she is more outgoing. If you know that she’ll be proudly showing it off to all of her friends, this might be another cue to get a more luxurious looking ring. If she’s more bohemian and nature loving - perhaps she would even like antiques or an aged appearance to her ring.

At the end of the day, your partner will be ecstatic about the engagement ring, regardless of whatever choice you’ve made. To have anyone express that level of love and vulnerability is never an easy thing - and your significant other will surely be appreciative of your efforts!

Still not sure?

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