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Colourful v/s transparent ceremony bands

When you are planning to seal the deal, the best way to do it is with the precious diamond stone. The wedding ceremony is an extremely special occasion for both the bride and the groom. Diamonds are a traditional and the best choice to make when it comes to buying rings for engagements and marriages. Buying sparkling stone studded nuptial ceremony bands can be expensive but with numerous options available in the market; you can find your perfect ring best suited to your requirements. These gems are available in various shapes, sizes, cuts and even colours. Though clear or transparent rocks are more popular, customers have options of naturally coloured gems as well to grace the occasion and their life with it.

Choose Your Colour

Deciding the colour of jewellery for your ceremony ring is as important as choosing the shape, size and cut of the rock. Once you have selected the perfect shape, size and cut of your precious stone, you can select from a wide range of colours for your gem. Diamond wedding rings Melbourne serves you with different colour options for your valuable gemstone, along with that you can also try your hands with natural colours available in this section. Various shades of pink, orange, yellow, blue, brown, green and red are available; you can choose your favourite colour and fulfil your dream. The transparent or white stones while considered to be colourless, they may have a tint of yellow depending on the quality. These gems are categorised into colour grades from D for completely colourless ones to Z for the highly tinted ones. The colourful rocks do not belong to the mentioned colour grades. These fancy rocks are classified as faint, very light, light, dark, intense, deep and vivid. The rarer and more intense the colour is, the more valuable the jewel is.

Choice of precious rock circlet

While selecting from such a wide range of options of bands can be confusing, a little help from the most experienced professionals can save you the trouble. Goldenet is one of the largest traders and online shopping sites for nuptials band, engagement rings, stone jewellery and certified loose diamonds. With over a decade of experience in trading valuable diamonds, the experts take an active initiative to provide complete guidance in finding the jewellery best suited to your needs. They offer impeccable service with a wide range of selection of GIA and EGL certified rich stones and jewellery, thus helping you purchase the best diamond of utmost quality and type.


Choosing diamond wedding ring Melbourne is an exciting experience, and it can be made all the more interesting by opting for the best gemstone company. No matter what you are looking for, colourful or transparent diamonds; make sure to buy them from the best and most trusted traders like Goldenet. They have a vast range of gems available, which are not only supreme in quality but also has been certified by gemologists to help you rely on the product. For individuals who have a strict budget, they can also approach the company and look for quality jewellery within their price range.