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Diamond - An Eternal Symbol of Love

Whether it’s your special ones birthday or your wedding anniversary or any special occasion, diamonds are the best and most memorable gift for anyone. It is such a beautiful gift that never misses to steal a single heart, with its luminous shine and beauty it is one of the favorite gifts anyone will ever get. Whether you buy diamonds embedded in jewellery or a loose stone, their value never ever gets diminished.

Diamonds are always related to luxury and high price but it is not always true. Now buying diamonds is not a luxurious gift as it is now affordable and pocket friendly. With the plethora of choice in diamond shapes you can choose the best shape for your jewellery needs.

The choice of diamond is really personal as you have to choose keeping in mind the person for whom you are buying for. Read the following to get the knowledge about the different kinds of shapes that are ruling the latest market trend and beauty pageants.

Heart shaped diamonds:

This heart shaped diamond definitely brings a big smile to ones face. It symbolises love and real passion for your special person of your life. It is a popular choice for wedding ring and solitaire pendants. While choosing this shaped diamond make sure that you look at its symmetry property by making it sure that two halves are same in shape and truly identical with each other. Plus the different colour options make it a wonderful choice.

Marquise Cut:

If you are looking for the diamond that showcases a big shape, then marquise cut diamond is for you. With its history with romance, it is an ideal choice for engagement and wedding rings. This football shaped beauty on slender fingers is just a gorgeous combination. What areyou waiting for? Guys go for it.

Round Shaped:

This is one of the most preferred shapes in all history and still ruling in the present time. This 4 C shaped diamond cut is perfect for any jewellery to give it a classic look. Seems to be an easy cut but this is one of the most difficult cut especially designed to give the diamond more beauty.


Emerald cut gives a unique and rich look to your jewellery. Its unique looks with the top is large and steep cut is simply breathtaking. Many celebrities from the film industru prefer this classic choice shape.

Princess cut

As the name suggests, this shape is more popular among females. The squared shaped diamond have pointed corner and steep cut best for classic styles as well as modern styles. This type of cut is splendid for any style of ring.

Of course there are other shapes like radiant cut, oval cut, cushion-cuts, pillow cut and lots more. The choice of shape of diamond is totally a personal choice but before making any purchase make sure that you buy the right size, right shaped and right colored diamonds. With Goldenet you will get genuine quality of diamonds at very right price.

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