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Diamond Engagement Rings: Discussing the Shapes

Here in this blog we are providing descriptions and explanations of the most common diamond shapes:

  1. Princess
    Square princess cut diamond rings are rapidly becoming almost as fashionable as the round diamond. In general, princess cut diamond engagement rings are accented with other tiny stones having the diamond at its centre.
  2. Round
    By far the most popular preference among recently engaged couples, the round engagement ring of diamond is enormously versatile and can be found in numerous attractive settings. It may or may not be complemented by accent stones, since the round diamond can classically stand on its own as a delicate solitaire.
  3. Radiant
    Radiant shaped diamonds are generally square diamonds having delicately trimmed edges. Resembling the emerald shape, a radiant diamond classically replicates much more light and exhibits a luster as well as brilliance like a round diamond.
  4. Emerald
    The emerald shape is a rectangular stone consisting of rounded corners. This shape of stone indicates that it has a poorer quality of cut. As such, a diamond having emerald shape will often show more flaws as well as reflect less light, making the diamond look dull and deficient in brilliance.
  5. Asscher
    Diamonds of a Asscher shape feature a square with edges that are intensely trimmed. They normally exhibit a luminous luster and sparkle. This shape is extremely rare and greatly sought after.
  6. Pear
    Generally considered as a teardrop shape, a pear shaped stone is also frequently utilised in earrings, rings, as well as necklaces. The unbalanced shape of such ring is tricky to accent with other kinds of stones. Therefore, pear shaped diamond engagement rings typically stand alone like solitaires. It is a something to consider for those people with short or small fingers, since it can create an elongated effect.
  7. Oval
    Oval shaped engagement rings commonly feature smaller accent stones in addition with a detailed setting. Such shape is often a fine choice for people with small fingers, since it tends to assimilate and won't overpower an elegant or petite hand.
  8. Heart
    This shape is characteristically more of a unique ring and seen usually only in jewellery such as rings and pendants. Heart shaped diamond rings are not extremely common and are tricky to cut. As such, the brilliance and quality of diamond engagement rings of heart shape is not expected to be so good. Such shapes of diamonds will typically exhibit further flaws.