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Choose the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for the Woman in Your Life?

Heart-Shaped Diamond Rings, Ethnic Bracelets or any diamond jewellery?

Buying jewellery for someone other than yourself can be a bit of a challenge, why?

It's simple and easy biology - you can’t read their head. It's impossible to know with 100% certainty, what another will adore with all their heart, is it?

And the other root of the problem lies in the sentence you just read.

You see, when you get a person a gift, especially a romantic gift, you are not actually looking primarily to find the 'RIGHT-est.' thing this person could ever want. No. What you are doing is conversing with that person in a more profound way than with just words.

And you know, don't you, the most important part of a conversation?

The answer is: Listening. When you give a woman a gift that demonstrates that you have been listening to her, you have not only won the championship, oh no. You are raised up high, doing a lap-of- honor, with "HERO" tattooed in big letters, to your forehead.

So how do you show that you have been listening? How do you get to be the hero?

Here are some ideas that may help:-

  1. Pay attention to the jewellery she likes or wears. Its type such as classic with quiet clean lines or shiny, bright, noisy. Know about what she likes to wear. You want to echo that style in the item of jewellery you buy her.
  2. Which diamond jewellery shop window does she prefer when you are out and about together? If it is in your range to afford then your gift will want to come from. Or, you take the time to look at the style of jewellery in that shop and then get your gift, in a similar style, from other sources such as online.
  3. What do her friends comment on her favourite jewel at the moment? Be guided by them. Girls always discuss these things in depth with each other.
  4. What have you both been talking about, recently? Have you been exposing your hearts to each other? Opening up and entrusting each other with your vulnerabilities? Made heartfelt promises to each other? Heart shaped jewellery might be a really touching way to affirm that.

These were some tips on choosing the best gift for your lover on this Valentine’s Day. A diamond ring is always the best gift that you can choose for your memorable occasion. Goldenet has a huge range of high quality diamond rings perfect for every woman and every occassion.