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Consideration of a Diamond Grading Report for Having Best Diamonds Melbourne is Essential!

Not every seller offers diamond grading lab reports (also known as diamond quality reports) to their clients. So my suggestion to you is to put your money in your pocket when dealing with this kind of jewellers.

Only get an elegant diamond ring if it comes with the real diamond quality report.

A lab report is self-sufficient in assessment of the 4Cs of a loose diamond as well as consists of a plotted diagram of the diamond's clarity characteristics and also a graphic depiction of the stone's fractions. Having this report lets you to compare stones of different qualities and eventually assists you make a more well-versed buying decision.

The Premier Diamond Quality Reports

In fact, all diamond grading lab are not of equal standard. Within the industry it is known that the two premier labs are AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories) and the GIA-GTL (Gemological Institute of America's Gem Trade Lab).

The GIA has the strongest worldwide reputation for consistency and independence. Because of their constant clarity and colour firmness guidelines, the globe's major as well as most expensive diamond stones have been sent here for grading for decades.

The GCAL (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab) moreover provides highly considered reports or "diamond certificates" since they are referred to via GCAL.

What’s more, its Stone Quality Document utilises a unique as well as proprietary 0 to 10 grading scheme to weigh up the 4 Cs - a system that is easier to understand than GIA's grading system. In actual fact, AGS even goes the additional step through equating their 0- 10 rating scale to further forms of rating.

For instance, the usual VS1 diamond clarity rating is a 3 on the AGS Diamond grading report document.

Getting the Best Service with High Quality Product!

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