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The Variations of Wedding Rings with Traditions

As Australian Culture does many different countries as well as cultures makes use of wedding rings as an unavoidable part of their wedding event. This blog looks at several of the traditions around the World.

Wedding ceremonies differ from one country to another; however, a lot of places use wedding rings as a chief part of the wedding ceremony. Here we will discuss some of the traditions from some countries.

The finger on which the diamond wedding ring is worn varies as per the country's traditions

The wedding ring finger on which the ring is worn varies in different countries, some putting the ring on the left ring finger while others placing the ring on the right ring finger. In several countries the hand on which the ring is placed can change after and before the ceremony. For instance in Greece, the couple put the ring on the left hand before the wedding ceremony and after that they transfer the ring to the right hand. In several European countries, the diamond engagement ring also acts as the wedding ring as well as it is engraved subsequent to the wedding. Some people prefer to wear the diamond engagement ring on the ring finger of the right hand and the diamond wedding ring on the ring finger of left hand. This can assist you to avoid damage to the rings because of rubbing them together.

The Romans believe the wedding ring to be the very last one in a series of gifts

The Romans consider giving a series of gifts to the future bride and the last gift in the series was the diamond wedding ring. The ring of engagement could also be one of the gifts in the series.

Several recently-introduced traditions incorporate the trilogy ring, the pre-engagement ring and the eternity ring

The trilogy ring generally contains three separate diamonds that symbolise the past, present as well as future of the couple. The eternity ring is the symbol of a long marriage, as well as the pre-engagement ring is on occasion given when a relational bond becomes much more serious.

The Best Man's job at the time of the wedding ceremony is to take care of the bride as well as groom's rings until the section of the ceremony where these rings are interchanged. Several weddings will be having a ring bearer who carries the lovely diamond rings on a cushion.

It is exciting to see that regardless of some small variations in how they are exchanged or worn in the ceremony, that a lot of countries use diamond rings as part of the engagement and wedding event. We may have more in common with populace from various countries than we realise.

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