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The Varied Cuts of Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne

The Diamond Engagement ring is available in different cuts and design patterns, this could be a band built of precious materials such as Platinum, Gold or Silver or it could be a band comprised of gem stones to offer an irresistible prettiness to the ring. The different major cuts of diamond engagement rings are discussed below.

The Varied Cuts of Diamonds

Emerald cut: the emerald stone in nature has its individual defined shape as well as this cut technique clearly mirrors it, the emerald gem cut is a sort of rectangular cut having cropped corners sticking out at its four ends.

Cushion cut: It is the way of cutting a gemstone that gives the gem a classic shape which is between an oval and a rectangle, it is one of the most trendy jewellery cuts and it is also recognised as an antique cut.

Princess cut: this is trendiest cut amazingly used on gemstones. It is square shaped and emphasises the beauty of the diamond, a very popular cut.

Round cut: this cut commonly seems round however its more than that for it has diverse spikes append to its surfaces making it one of, if not the most shining gem cut of the lot, it is acknowledged amongst ladies for its ability to blind the eye (twinkle).

Marquise cut: the technique used for cutting the shape of the marquise stone cut provides the gem with an oval shape in the middle having ends. This cut has a classic earthy look that brings out the attractiveness of the stone.

Asscher cut: this procedure of cutting the gemstone resembles the emerald rectangle however it is more octagonal in gemstone shape than rectangle, this octagonal shape assists it to catch light as well as reflect it in diverse directions. It's a completely beautiful cut for diamond rings.

Heart cut: Appropriate for the romantics at heart as well as shaped to mirror their hearts, it is a classy and simple cut that is pretty popular among women.

After providing you with a general description on diamond engagement ring cuts and designs, the subsequent step is to let you know who are the leaders in the business that offers you best as well as most valued for money gemstone rings.

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