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The Romance of Antique Engagement Rings

When planning to buy a ring, we generally tend to go for a fresh new ring. However, antique rings can really be a good option. These rings have survived a long period & you will always find something that is unique to them. The history which is lingering with these says a lot about you and your love. These rings are unique just as your love for each other is. They completely justify your choice.

The most special & unique characteristics about these antique rings are the sentiments attached to them. It really doesn’t matter whether you are renovating the family jewel piece or buying it, this precious jewel will always be unique and you won’t find its match in any of the contemporary designs.

All You Can Do to Get Antique Engagement Rings

Before making any purchase, you must complete your research about these antique rings. One simple way is to browse the internet. You will get all your basics cleared there. You can go by traditional method, “books”. You can find a lot more about these jewels there. Another trusted source could be a jeweller. You can consult with multiple jewellers until you find the right match. Ultimately, all this research will help you in analysing the precise cost of the ring you are planning to purchase.

It really doesn’t matter from where you are finding the right choice, but make sure to verify its authenticity. Get your rings checked by a certified gemmologist and get given a certificate of authenticity, if not done already. It is mandatory to be around 100 years old to be considered an antique ring. It can come from Edwardian or Victorian or art deco periods.

The certification also allows you to know the true value of the gems studded in it. The certificate of authenticity of an antique ring always comes from GIA. If it is not the case, then you must ensure that GIA authenticates it. Analyse the two certificates very carefully and ensure that they are matches. While making any purchase, you must have all the written documents so that if any problem arises in future, you will stand on the safer side. It is always good to have more than fewer documents.

It is recommended that you make your purchase from a well renowned shop. The primary reason being, you are less likely to get cheated and secondary you will find a great variety to choose from. Take your time in selecting a perfect jewel for your love. Romance will blossom only if you will nurture it by taking your time in selecting the right one. Not any antique ring will do the job, but the right ring will strike the cord.

The biggest challenge when purchasing an antique ring is determining its correct market value. Its value is determined by its age, the diamonds & aesthetic appeal. Things get quite complicated if you are planning to exchange or return it.

In a nutshell, these antique engagement rings can turn out to be very romantic when purchased for an engagement or wedding ring. All happiness along with the experiences get transferred from past wearers to the present couple. Antique engagement rings are evergreen by nature and hence a perfect symbol of love.