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Engagement Rings: The Symbol of Love

Engagement rings are the only jewellery item known as the symbol of love. If you are planning to purchase an engagement ring for your beloved, probably many questions and thoughts may come into your mind that can confuse you. Here are some points that can help to give directions to your thoughts.

Knowing about her choice and style

Although, engagement rings are special rings every girl will love to wear it no matter how it looks but being a future fiancé, you should care about her choice and style. You can ask her friends and family about her tastes and thoughts. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them or you want to surprise everyone, then you can observe the jewellery pieces she wears. The kind of jewellery she likes to wear can provide you with a lot of insight into the style of ring she would like as her engagement ring; suppose she wears antique or unique jewellery you can buy a ring which is more unique and a little different from the others. She will definitely appreciate it if you present her with a ring which resembles her style.

Shape of the diamond of engagement ring

Knowing about her choice is just a first step. Next you need to decide the shape of the diamond for your engagement ring. The shape of the diamond is reflected by its cut .You also have to care about the clarity, colour and carat. Initially all diamonds look the same but each kind of diamond carries special qualities and appearances. Choose a gemstone that looks stunning and impressive in a ring and on her hand.

The next thing to consider is ring setting

Ring setting refers to the framework in which the diamonds or stones are mounted. There are many kinds of settings offered by jewellers in their catalogues. They provide ring settings according to the kind of cut and colour of the diamond that better suits each other. You can find the trendy and stylish kind of ring setting on the internet and ask the jeweller to make your ring setting of your choice.

Choosing metal of the ring

The next most important thing you have to care about is the metal of your engagement ring. You have many choices for choosing the metal for your ring; you can choose a gold, platinum, silver or titanium. Choose the metal which looks best with your chosen stone or diamond.

Set your budget before moving to the next step

Set your budget plan for buying the ring. Calculate how much money you will be need for diamond, metal and craftsmanship. Don’t buy a ring that puts you into debt. Just go for the ring that is best and within your budget, rule out anything that falls above. Don’t follow the thumb rule of two months’ salary to spend on an engagement ring. If she really loves you she will not think of the cost of the ring but the love and care the ring you purchase symbolises.

Consider safety points before purchase

Before going to any jeweller, take some advice and recommendations from family and friends. If you don’t find a good jeweller then try and search for a jeweller on internet. First check whether the jewellery store have affiliations and accreditation. Check their return policy, whether they provide flexibility for return and exchanges.

If your Engagement rings specially hand crafted or designed by a famous designer or the ring carries a diamond of more than a carat, all the information should be noted on the certificate. All the things which considerably affect the value or cost of the ring should be mentioned on the certificate or appraisal.