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Choose Best Engagement Ring as per Zodiac Signs - Part 1

The engagement ceremony is an unforgettable event for you as well as your partner so it has to be memorable and special but how will you make it special? A special diamond engagement ring does it all for you. So, you can make the ring of your engagement special by selecting per the zodiac signs.

The following are several tips that will let you know which stone on your ring better suits your partner as per his or her Zodiac sign as well as his or her characteristics and what kind of ring your partner will want to wear.


These are the people born from the date of March 21 st to April 19 th . They are most daring and boldest people in the whole 12 zodiac signs. A simple diamond stone with a normal cut will not do for your engagement ring. A sparkling princes cut diamond will better suit her or him. Your would-be life partner will be content wearing this ring.

Diamonds are perfectly suitable for the Aries people. This generally make them patient and calm.


Taurus people are born between April 20 th to May 20 th . They love to wear grandeur and royal things. They generally like textures as well as something a bit greedy, so purchasing a simple cut diamond stone ring will not please your partner. An engagement ring with a diamond gems surrounded by tiny diamonds provide the wearer with a special feeling.


The Gemini People are born from the dates of May 21 st to June 20 th . These are the people generally very fun loving. They make the most of each moment and everything is filled with joy. They like to wear something which is eye grabbing and attractive. Your partner will surely like to wear a solitaire ring however they love a big bold diamond too.

Sappier or agate gemstones can provide the wearer with a nice and cool look. You can make use of these stones to make the ring prettier for your special someone who has Gemini as her or his zodiac.


The Cancer people have birth dates between June 21 st to July 22 nd . These individuals love all things to be classy. Thess people, particularly women like to have pearls. An engagement ring with a pearl surrounded by the diamonds will provide her with a special feeling.


These individuals have birthdates from July 23 rd to August 22 nd . They command as well as demand attention everywhere they go. They will love to put on a fiery yellow diamond with a thick gold band.

Onyx is perfect Gemstones for Leo people. Onyx can moreover be utilised instead of fiery yellow diamond stones.


The Virgo people came into this world from August 23 rd to September 22 nd . They are art loving individuals. They are good observers. They generally love delicate things to wear. An engagement rings having simple diamond as well as a thin band with small diamonds inserted inside it will make your partner happy.

Carnelian is a suitable gemstone for the Virgo people. It offers inner strength as well as confidence.

So, this was a little bit of information about some of the zodiac signs, the rest of the signs are discussed in another article on our website GoldeNet.