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Exploring the Diamonds in Melbourne

The main cost of the diamond engagement ring is generally the dazzling diamond that you choose to adorn it. To stay away from pricey mistakes, it is very important to learn as much as possible regarding the stone you prefer. The easiest way to have the risk out of purchasing a particular diamond is to familiarise yourself with similar products. The average customer cannot expect to make as precise a judgment about a diamond as a qualified gemmologist whose scientific expertise and wealth of experience offers a peace of mind and good options. However the consumer can learn to judge a gemstone as a "total personality" and learn what the serious factors are; colour, clarity, sparkle as well as brilliance, and weight, and the best way to balance them in umpiring the diamonds worth.

Choosing a Diamond

The engagement ring made up of diamonds has emerged as the universal symbol of love as well as commitment flanked by two people. Choosing the best diamond is a must when you are spending large amount of money and making your occasion memorable and pleasing.

What is a diamond?

A diamond is simplest of all gemstones, plain as well as crystallised carbon; the similar material, chemically, as the soot remains inside of a glass globe subsequent to the burning of a candle; it is the similar substance utilised in lead pencils.

The diamond varies from these in its crystal form which provides it with the attractive properties that we know and love, and hence the diamond has become an extremely prized gemstone; its hardness, which presents it supreme wear-ability; its brilliance; as well as its fire. (However note that while a diamond is the toughest natural substance recognised, it can be broken or chipped if hit hard from specific angles, and in case the "girdle" has been cut as well thin it can be chipped with a blow.)

Discussing the four factors to determine the diamond’s worth:

A diamonds value and quality are determined by four factors. These are known as the "Four C's.":

  1. Colour (body colour)
  2. Clarity (degree of flawlessness)
  3. Carat weight (which affects the size)
  4. Cutting and proportioning (often referred to as the cut)

In terms of identifying beauty, we would rank them in a distinct order:

  1. Cutting and proportioning
  2. Colour
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat weight

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