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Tips to Picking the Best Diamond Rings in Melbourne

In the perfect world with unlimited budgets as well as a countless supply of diamonds, everybody would have wonderfully cut flawless diamonds. In the ideal world each diamond is distinctive. There are lots of attractive diamonds to go around - you simply require knowing how to pick the best one.

Selecting a diamond is about balancing various factors to make the most of your budget. Every factor contributes to the prestige as well as beauty of your diamond. Here we are discussing these factors so that you can make right decision concerning your diamond purchase.


The term "colour" generally refers to, in how much extent warm tint is in a diamond. The colour scale ranges actually from D (colourless) to Z (extremely strongly tinted brown or yellow). Pure white diamonds rings are considered more attractive, in addition are more expensive.


People usually make use of the word Carat while discussing how large a diamond is; on the other hand "Carat" essentially refers to the diamond’s weight.

A handy tip: if you are in search of Certified Diamonds ring Melbourne, you may find it important to evaluate the diameters of various diamonds. Since each diamond is separately cut, several may seem larger than others of the similar weight.


Around 75% of diamonds sold all over the world are Round Brilliant diamonds. These round diamonds are the most admired, most brilliant, as well as most expensive. If you are acquiring a diamond like a surprise, Round Brilliant is usually your safest option.

There is no actual hierarchy regarding shapes being better or worse - it is really a matter of individual preference. The second most popular diamonds are the princess cuts, in addition a classic substitute to round diamonds. Cushion cuts are popular and have a gorgeous vintage look. If you desire something different but not very out there, try an Asscher Cut, Oval Cut, or Radiant Cut diamond rings.

4. CUT

"Cut" refers to proportions as well as the finish of diamonds, and is significant in determining its attractiveness. Getting the angles right makes sure an elegant diamond that's full of life. In several cases it can be very tricky to spot flaws in a fiery, luminous diamond.

Cut is usually graded in 5 categories: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. If you would like to play safe, stick to "Excellent" or “Very Good” cuts when you pick your diamond.


Each one of the diamonds has naturally­ occurring features known as "inclusions." Inclusions build as the diamond crystallises deep underground, as well as they are exclusive to each diamond. They contain many diverse forms, and can assist you recognise a diamond as your own. On the other hand, prominent and large inclusions can detract from the loveliness of a diamond.

If your budget is restricted, it is advisable to purchase "SI" clarity or better. "SI" means "Slightly Included." With a thorough inspection you can typically recognise the inclusions in an SI­ graded diamond, however such inclusions will probably not be visible once your diamond is put in the item of jewellery. If you desire to be certain your diamond will appear "eye clean", even up close, choosing a VS2 clarity diamond or better is safe. "VS" means "Very Slight Inclusion," as well as imperfections in VS clarity stones are hardly ever detected via the naked eye.


Fluorescence has a bad reputation, however this is unfair. Fluorescence of diamond refers to how a diamond reacts when subjected to ultra­violet beam. Glowing diamonds can shine any one of various colours, but the most general is blue.


Many diamond rings Melbourne are assigned grades through valuation companies as well as in-house graders. In case your diamond does not arrive with a report from a chief laboratory, you ought to always ask where the grader trained. She or he should be certified via a major grading laboratory such as GIA, IGI, AGS, or HRD. Be cautious and be smart concerning reports created by salespeople, uncertified shop owners, and unknown valuation companies.