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Several Care and Storage Tips for Diamond Rings

When you think "diamond rings," you generally visualise solitaire rings given to a woman by her fiancée as an engagement ring. But the fact is there are all types of extraordinary diamond rings - and each one of them requires special care to keep them bright, sparkly and beautiful. They are a pricy investment worthy of your care as well as time.

There are certain things to consider to ensure the proper care of your diamond product:


When we talk about storing a diamond ring, do not put the ring holder near your bathroom sink. You must store your special diamond ring in a safe, clean and dry place - such as a fabric-lined compartment or box that is set aside in a low traffic area and away from other pieces of jewellery. The reason behind this is because jewellery can scratch other jewellery, therefore to keep all your pieces safe keep them separate. In case you don't have a fancy jewellery box with several compartments, you can utilise small boxes to store your valuables. Simply envelop each piece of jewellery in tissue paper and then place it in the box. Do not combine your diamond pieces with further pieces of jewellery. Moreover, please, never leave your precious ring on the rim of a sink when you cleanse your hands. That ring can without doubt slip down the drain most likely never to be seen again.


Whenever you handle your diamond ring, just try to do so carefully. The natural oils from your fingers can rub off on the metal of the ring and change its properties. Plan to go to your jeweller at least one time a year so your ring as well as any other expensive pieces can be checked for loose prongs and wear and tear of the settings or mountings. Your jeweller will generally give the ring a proper clean, as well. You will be surprised at how new sparkly your ring looks after a professional clean.


Next we are discussing several warnings associated with wearing or caring for diamonds:

  1. At the time of cleaning your diamond rings, it is recommended not to touch the stone with your fingers. Always hold the ring by its band to keep from leaving from leaving oil and other dirt on the diamond.
  2. Wear your diamond ring, rather than letting it sit and collect dust. Left alone, it can get smudged and soiled.
  3. Whenever you want to exercise, take off your diamond ring otherwise it could get scratched by the equipment you use.
  4. Avoid letting your special diamond ring get into contact with any domestic cleansers, for instance bleach. Such cleaners may change the colour of your diamond in addition to its mountings or settings.

The end product is that diamonds are an extremely precious gem and it pays to be careful with it to ensure its longevity. Even though it is a ring, which you wear each day, your expensive diamond ring or the engagement ring requires close attention to maintain its beauty so it looks exactly the same as the day you first purchased it.