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Antique Engagement Rings: Choice for Uniqueness

Engagement is a wonderful event of everyone’s life. If you are going to get “engaged” with someone then you are going to have a new life with your would-be life partner. You may wish to make this moment memorable and special. Choose an antique and rare engagement ring. This will play a major role in making your day memorable and historical for you and her.

An antique engagement ring reflects your thoughts and personality, be careful while choosing such rings. Here we provide you some information about antique engagement rings that will help you in choosing the right ring.

Antique rings carry many historical and beautiful classical designs. You should choose a ring which is affordable, stylish and suits her personality. Antique rings have no proper classification but are categorised according to the ancient time period in which these were created.

Following description will help you to know about emergence of different antique rings.

The Georgian Period

This period is named after four kings of England (George I-IV). These periods includes the duration from 1714 to 1837. The jewellery from this time period have truly unique designs. Almost, all the jewellery in this period were hand crafted. The rings in Georgian period mainly have a big stone in the centre surrounded by typical traditional designs carrying different precious stones in it. Pearls and rubies were the famous jewellery element in this era. The designs of the engagement ring in this period were inspired by nature. These designs have leaves, flower and even insects crafted in it.

If your would-be fiancé is nature loving than she would definitely loves to wear this kind of antique rings.

The Victorian Period

This period is named after queen Victoria of England. This duration was marked approximately to 1836-1901. In this time period the engagement ring has romantic essence in it. Precious coloured stone and diamonds with heart shape, cushion cut were most demanded in this era. Gold and platinum were the most favourite metal for the engagement ring band.

The Edwardian period

This period approximately started in 1895 and ended in 1914.In this era the engagement rings were made with filigree patterns and intricate designs beautifully crafted with various kinds of diamonds and stones. Cushion cut, round cut and emerald cut diamonds were most famous in those days. Silver, gold, platinum and white gold were popular for the engagement band. If your fiancé likes to wear delicate jewellery than this kind of antique rings is your best choice.

The Art Deco Period

This period approximately includes duration from 1920 to 1935. This era changed the fashion of the engagement ring. Instead of curl, delicate, natural designs this kind of ring uses straight lines and bright colours. This designs posse’s geometrical design and structure. These engagement rings resemble modern stylish engagement rings. If your fiancé doesn’t like to wear traditional jewellery, this could be a good choice among all antique rings.

So, the above was some information about ancient time’s antique rings. You can get it customised in the way you want at the present time with the help of ring designer.

Choose the best affordable engagement ring from the above categories of antique rings. Buying antique engagement rings requires some safety points to consider to ensure you are purchasing an authentic antique ring.