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Let’s Find the Best Designs of Engagement Rings

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, we have two ways to go about it. First one is to choose from the range of designs offered to you at the online store. The second one is to customise the design according to your taste and preferences and have a unique engagement ring.

When you have made your choice, start thinking about the design ideas. You need to do this even if you are choosing a ready-made one because they also come in many sets, cuts and designs which have to be chosen in advance. It may not sound very romantic, however when you see the pleasant smile on the face of your partner when she sees the flawlessly designed ring; it will surely be worth all of the effort and time. But first, you must know the perfect engagement ring design to purchase.

The Ring Design Ideas

In the last few years, a lot of young couples have preferred unique ideas as a trend when it comes to choosing designs of engagement rings. Pop culture and various other modern interests have reflected the designing procedure and many jewellers offer services in customising the diamond ring into various themes and shapes. Certain rings can be built in a way that they seem incomplete when put on separately and as a complete design when worn together. However, if you pick your ring design would be of the classic sort, you are do not need to worry as there a lot of such rings easily available.

The Best Designs for Women

The classic engagement rings are the ones where the ring is inscribed and the single diamond is coated in it. Another thing about such an engagement ring design is to make a setting for the diamond stone outside of the ring. Numerous women are fond of this because it shows off their ring finely. You can moreover try the three-stone design of a diamond, in which there are three diamonds placed on the band in a row and surrounded by platinum or gold. Aside from that, there is the carved ring which consist of motifs inside the band which are then filled with diamonds and semi-precious stones.

The Best Designs for Men

Choosing engagement rings for men are much simpler than purchasing for women. Many men like a simple band which does not show off much. In this way, there are fairly lesser choices but they are all quite classy and elegant in nature. At present, the market is being governed by diamond rings and bands developed from platinum. The engagement band design with platinum is generally quite simplistic and does not look too loud. Platinum is a hypo allergic and will not cause any sort of allergies on the hands too.

Small diamonds set in the platinum engagement rings is attaining huge popularity, however many designs for men do not feature any precious gems. Titanium and Tungsten are also being utilised quite frequently in the present days, since they can withstand a great deal of wear and tear together with being easy to engrave and carve. According to the personality of your lover, there are different designs you can choose from.