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Man-Made Diamonds Melbourne: An Alternative To Real Expensive Diamonds

Natural diamonds are mined and then crafted with some traditional tools while man-made diamonds are formed in laboratories and technologically crafted than transformed into something that looks like natural cut and polished diamonds. There are of mainly two kinds of diamonds one is synthetic and the other is stimulants. The man-made diamonds became famous due to few reasons. First of all this diamonds are cheaper than the natural diamond, even being a lower cost than the natural diamonds this diamond does not compromise its quality. These diamonds have many applications in science medical and research areas.

Formation of man-made diamonds

There are basically two procedures for making diamonds in a lab. These two processes are discussed below.

HTHP process

This is a high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) method. This method was discovered after many of the experiments with various values of temperature and pressure. The conditions in which the natural diamonds are formed are the same kind of conditions used for creating artificial diamonds. This is not as easy as t sounds, it requires continual focus during the process.

CVD process

Chemical Vapour Deposition method was developed in 1980. This method uses some different approaches for formation of synthetic diamonds. In CVD process the hydrocarbon gas is heated on “sow” of the diamond that is kept on a metal surface. This process resulted in the development of rough diamonds, these rough diamonds are than cut and polished and transformed into finished diamonds.

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Benefits of using man-made diamonds over natural diamonds

As artificial diamonds are a lower cost than the real diamonds, they can be bought by many people who are unable to buy expensive real diamonds. The diamonds are mainly used in jewellery but have many other applications. The diamonds can be used in treatment of cancer, tumors and poisonous diseases. These are also used in scientific research. As these are a good conductor of heat they are used in heat sinks for heat dissipation. In these areas the cost decreases and the task becomes more easy and achievable.

Man-mad diamonds are eco-friendly

Mining of diamonds destroys the eco-system, pollutes the environment and harm local residents and animal. While the man-made stones and diamonds are created in the laboratories in controlled environment. No harmful chemicals are used or produced in the formation of diamonds. This process is completely an eco-friendly process. The man-made diamonds are physically, chemically and optically more perfect than the real diamonds. These kinds of diamonds are real because, they possess fewer impurities than the mined diamonds.

Some people don’t like laboratory created diamonds because they are called fake diamonds. Although if a synthetic diamond has no quality defects than also that diamond would not be considered as real diamond by some people.

Now you can decide before buying the diamonds which are better natural or artificial. Diamonds Melbourne has big international market and sold all over the world.