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Suggestions to Get Engagement Rings of Your Taste

None of us are perfect. We all are unique and hence our choices are also unique. It is okay if you don’t like the engagement ring you were presented with. The most important thing is the love between you and your man. We know that you are not materialistic. You are not falling crazy in love with either the metal or the stone. But hey, the importance of the ring itself cannot be side tracked. We must understand that the ring is also important. If you do not love the ring or diamond, the way you love your man, then you can always change it to make sure you are wearing the ring of your dreams.

You Can Get Engagement Rings Custom Made As Per Your Choice

Here How You Can Do it:
The first and the foremost step, which you must take is to check the return policy. Chances are quite strong that your ring will lie under the umbrella of 30 day return policy. If not, then the most widely used trade idea is lifetime upgrade/trade guarantee. In this, you can trade your ring for another, like an exchange. In either of the cases, you must let your partner know about your disliking of the ring to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion. Obviously you don’t want to insult him or break his heart.

Gently let him know about your views of the ring. Sometimes a high setting can create a problem for women who do more manual work , using hands. Teachers, doctors or people who tend to wear cashmere silk. The point is, be honest, your partner would much rather you be honest than wearing a ring that he has spent a lot of money on that you just do not like.

Your man invested a large sum and all of his emotions while purchasing this stone. He tried and selected the best (in his opinion!). Guys generally overlook the setting details and pick the one soothing on the eyes. Chances are, the ring is moving in family tradition, from his grandmother to his mom and from his mom to you. He may want to use the diamond for a different setting but didn’t get a chance. However, the task of resetting is not difficult these days. Here is the easy solution.

Go to the best diamond jewellery shop such as Goldenet. Get the best suitable loose diamond for your ring. You can ask for different settings for the same diamond. As said earlier, if it is newly purchase engagement rings, chances are your ring may come under the umbrella of the return policy or you can ask for any upgrade policy if one exists. You may totally change your mind about the engagement ring once you try a wedding band on alongside, it happens!

If the shape of the diamond is the point of concern then let your jeweller know about the situation. You might need a new setting for the diamond.

The last star is the colour of the precious metal. You can ask for gold with rhodium plating or you can change the colour of the same setting.

To conclude we would say that there are a variety of options available today which will help your comfort level. It is okay if you don’t like the ring. You may like it in time or you can politely speak to your partner about changing the setting to something you love. Take him to his favourite dessert spot after your trip to jeweller to ease his pain.