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High Quality Engagement Rings Available with Reasonable Cost

Having a high quality diamond ring make you feel special and a little bit fancy. As the cost of engagement rings is generally high, it is always preferable to take a good care of your beloved and gorgeous engagement ring. Several things are discussed below that can assist you with making sure you diamonds and diamond jeweller are well cared for and last forever.

Prop up Your Shank

It might seem like the hottest fitness craze; however it's really an important part of keeping your favourite rings in good shape. The portion of a ring which goes around your finger consists of the shoulders as well as a shank. While the shoulders hardly ever require attention, the shank is extra prone to degrading due to its location at the base of the ring.

Each time a diamond ring is re-sized, the jeweller has to cut it open as well as either take a part out to make it smaller or put in a new piece of gold to make it bigger. This procedure takes its toll on the shank as well as thins it out. The jeweller can deal with this through replacing the base of the shank where it has grown too thin, expanding the lifespan of your ring by decades in addition to making it easier to take off and on.

Keep an Eye on Your Claws

The stone might be the star of your engagement ring, however a star is only as superior as the supporting cast it has. In this case, that particular cast is the claws. Placed at the angles of the stone, the claws grasp the diamond in place, making them an essential element of any ring. Over time the claws get exhausted through rubbing against other everyday elements or by means of everyday activities such as doing the dishes or gardening. Ultimately, the gold will wear down and the stone might get tapped out of place. If the claws are not in good condition and securing the diamond your diamond could be lost.

Hence, how can you protect your diamond engagement rings? Every six to twelve months, you should visit a jeweller and say "I need my claws checked". In case they pass the inspection, you will still have a nice clean out of it, and you can rest comfortable knowing your diamond is safe as well as sound.

It’s All About Maintenance!

As with our bodies, it is easier to protect a ring than to watch it get more and more damaged. Your grandmother's ring which has never been checked will possibly require a refurbish, on the other hand one with claws as well as a shank that are checked by a jeweler on a regular basis may one day be the star of your granddaughter's wedding.

Making the time to perform the tiny task of getting your ring checked pays off and can ensure your ring lasts a lifetime which far exceeds our own.

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