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Get Ready For the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

Love is in the air. Congratulations for finding the love of your life. You have the partner you wanted, the love and affection you wanted, then what are waiting for? Go and propose to her to make her your partner for this and next life with the beautiful and heart stealing diamond engagement rings. Choose your engagement ring wisely as your partner will wear it for the rest of their life, so make sure that each time she looks at the ring she can feel your love.

Buying an engagement ring is a very emotional process as you have go through the roller coaster of many questions like what if she does not like it, what suits her best etc. But the biggest question is what will make her fall for the ring you have chose, so here is your lifeline.

Decide on your budget:

We know you love her like crazy but this craziness is not enough to buy the beautiful engagement ring, so prepare your budget. With this you can ask the jeweller for the best ring at the best price. Remember one thing, high cost is not always more beautiful.

Let’s do some homework:

Before going to the jewellery shop, make sure you learn about 4Cs of diamond. 4Cs indicates Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight. These lessons about diamond is going to help you to choose the best ring at the best price.

What attracts her?

One of the most important aspects you have to consider before making a purchase is her preference. Whether she likes contemporary designs or her heart beats for traditional, what metal does she prefer white gold or yellow gold? The answer to these questions will help you a lot while choosing the ring.

Size does matter

Size matters a lot when it comes to an engagement ring. When you want everything right from the beginning to the end then don’t leave the size matter to chance. Casually take the note of her ring size if she wears one or just an assumption. Also make sure to buy the ring bigger than your assumption because sizing down is quite easy not vice-versa.

Her Favourite style

Casually ask her about her favourite cutting style and shape of rings. Also make sure that you buy such a ring that goes with her dress style, after all she’ll be wearing it for your whole married life. If you still get confused about her choice, take the help from her friends and still if you are unsure, it is better to play it safe and stick to traditional shapes such as round or square as it appeal to the majority of people.

Metal matters a lot

The most important things of all is metal, whether you want a platinum ring or a gold. Metal colour also plays a significant role in the look of ring.

Keeping these things in mind can help you in making the right choice. Get the perfect ring for your ladylove here. With us you will get the option of customisation along with the timeless collection of rings in different metals.