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Get Right Engagement Ring in Melbourne

Engagement ring expresses your eternal love for her. Engagement ring is considered to be a pious thread that connects two souls that promise a life of happiness, surprises and adventure. Choosing a right ring is as as important as choosing the right ring with the perfect hand size.

You can’t afford to get anything wrong with choosing your engagement ring, after all this ring is going to be on your finger for eternity and beyond. There is no point in choosing the ring that stole your heart but does not look good on your hand. So before choosing the ring makes it sure it suits your future spouse.

In order to give you perfect idea about the engagement rings in Melbourne that will be best for you, read the following post to make the best out of it. Here you will get the most flattering ring for every hand shape and fingers.

Slender Fingers:

Slender fingers are one of the most beautiful finger shapes. They have many options to choose from. With this finger size you have different size diamond options but also make sure that it does not overpower the ring.

What works?

  • Beautiful bands do the magical work here
  • Even the small diamond looks pretty, the round, oval and cushion diamonds do wonders

Wide finger:

Ladies with the wide fingers have more choice. The choice of ring should be such that it does not show to much skin or the other side. Here you can go for an amazing style making ring from the classic to funky look.

What works?

  • If want to go for band then medium to thick will work
  • Emerald, oval, rectangular shape
  • with the right style and beautiful stone with the large setting looks fabulous

Small Hands

A small sized diamond engagement ring looks best on small hands. Even the diamond on the small hands enhances the beauty of it. The choice of the right but small shaped diamond will definitely make her friends go, “ahhh” and “ohhh”.

What Works?

  • With the small hand you have large choice in shapes which includes round, pear, oval, asscher, marquise and princess cut.
Big knuckles

If you have big knuckles then heavier and thick bands will do wonders. Even if are choosing the ring make sure to choose a cluster style ring.

What works?

You can go for big round, oval, emerald and pear shape.

After reading the above shapes you can now definitely determine what will work for you. However choosing the ring is very personal and emotional choice. Leading Jeweller Goldenet have a large amount of beautiful rings that are elegant and beautiful, the best engagement rings in Melbourne look no further than Goldenet.