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5 Simple Approaches to Update Your Beloved Diamond Ring

Do you consider your engagement ring less attractive? Has your ring style evolved? The styles of ring, choice of expensive metals, and the in-colour have changed. Following are some points that would surely help you:

1. Add 2 smaller side diamonds to highlight your centre stone.

The conventional 3-stone ring is said to symbolise the present, past and future. It’s solitary way to add diamonds (or various other gemstones) and make your ring classic and simple. Three stone rings will look best on your finger.

2. Go from a solid expensive metal band to one having diamonds.

Do you desire to add diamonds to your solid and expensive metal band? Switch it for one with more shine and sparkle! You have a broad collection of options for diamond band settings. Find one that perfectly reflects your personality and style.

3. Recreate your setting in a distinct metal.

Think to change the yellow gold with rose gold or the rose gold with white gold, or white gold with platinum. Or else yellow gold with platinum or 14k gold with 18k gold...... and so on. Thus you can change the colour of the band to create a new ring.

4. Surround your stone with a halo of beautiful diamonds.

Reset your real diamond in a halo setting, which can add wow factor to your ring. This could be a great option that you can choose.

5. You can upgrade your centre diamond

You can change your present diamond with a larger carat weight, a different shape, or both!

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