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Knowing the Variations Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Rings have had significant presence in marriages and betrothal since ancient times. In actual fact, it would be difficult to carry on a wedding and engagement without the existence of rings. Because of their long history, the utilisation and functions of the engagement ring and wedding ring are often amalgamated with each other. However, it ought to be taken into consideration that though such jewellery pieces are normally seen amongst married women, they intensely differ from one other in many aspects.

Let’s know the difference

To identify the distinctions of an engagement ring and wedding ring, let's have a quick look at their varied functions. To simply put it, an engagement ring is offered via the man to the lady before their marriage in order to show that they are bound to get married. On the other hand, wedding rings are the jewellery pieces worn and exchanged by the couple at the time of their wedding day with their marriage vows. Just after the marriage and for the years which follow while married, the engagement and wedding rings are worn by the wife, whereas the man only puts on the wedding ring as men do not wear an engagement ring.

Between engagement and wedding bands, a number of couples have a preference of investing only in engagement rings. In actual fact, a diamond engagement ring is more beautiful than a wedding ring since it is someway a silent declaration of the forthcoming marriage status of couples. By tradition, engagement rings have protruding centre stones generally made from quality diamond jewellery. At present however, couples do not need to choose to purchase engagement rings which are accentuated with diamond gemstones, as a less costly option they could utilise other less expensive stones such as sapphire, ruby, opal, etc., as the centre stone of the engagement band.

The wedding ring is generally plain in finish and design, or sometimes is designed like the simpler version of the diamond engagement ring. However, there are more couples that use fine diamond jewellery for their wedding rings, while this seldom happens as the simple design of such ring represents the holiness of marriage. Conventionally, both engagement and wedding bands are worn on the left hand finger between the pinkie and index fingers because as per belief it is said that the left finger is directly linked to the heart which is known as vena amori. Even though there are various cultures which place their engagement and wedding bands on the right hand ring finger.

Engagement and wedding bands are generally purchased independently from each other. They could be bought as a set; therefore, some wedding rings are as intricately built as the engagement rings they come with. In case you are buying these rings separately, always attempt to consider that you will be wearing them every day, consequently when you are choosing each ring choose the shape of the diamond stone that would match your lifestyle. Diamond stones may be hard, but it is possible to chip or break particularly if its edges are sharp; it would be more suitable to select rings that are comprised of round brilliant cut stones entrenched in them since they are known to last longer.

Generally, engagement rings and wedding rings are two significant jewellery pieces that represents two of the most vital stages in the bond of couples: the engagement and wedding. They certainly have different qualities that set them apart from one another. Setting aside their dissimilarities though, what is noticeable is that they share the similar concept of undying commitment and love, shown from their round shape ring that has no start and no end as well as the materials used to build them. They also work as material seals that reinforce their vows and the symbolic sense and sentimentality of the couple's dedication for each other.