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How to Buy an Engagement Ring in 2020?

To be in love is a beautiful feeling and diamond rings can manifest this feeling into something very tangible! Although this is an exciting time, try not to let your search to buy an engagement ring turn your excitement into anxiety. Shopping for engagement ring can be daunting. Hopping from one store to another in search of an engagement ring, comparing price, styles, and types of the ring is even more exhausting.

You'll soon discover there’s not just one but plenty of decisions to take to buy that one engagement ring. For example, what type or style of an engagement ring should you buy? What metal should you buy? What about the setting? How much should you spend? Should you opt for a single diamond ring or go for three stone rings? So, when you are making a big investment for something so precious as a diamond engagement ring, ensure you don’t get duped.

Calm yourself down, we are here to walk you through the engagement ring buying process from start to finish so that you find the perfect ring to fit both your budget and her expectations.

How long should it take to buy an engagement ring?

Buying a ring is not as quick as just picking it out and paying for it. Our piece of advice is - no matter how much time you are left with or how close the engagement ceremony is, you must take your time to pick up the band of love that symbolizes love and togetherness. Since it will be a permanent mark of your love on their fingers, it makes a lot of sense to invest time and energy into it and enjoy it together.

After all, an engagement ring will be the most cherished piece of jewellery in your collection. It needs to be special, and for that, you will have to do a bit of homework.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

It is perhaps the most important thing to consider – the budget. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how much you should spend on an engagement ring. And while you obviously wouldn’t want to skimp out on buying a cheaper ring, you also don’t want to be regretting paying it off either. Keeping in mind the average cost of engagement rings these days, you'll appreciate that this is no inconsequential purchase.

You might have heard people saying that the cost of an engagement ring should be your three months' salary etc. Well, that was just a marketing ploy created in 30’s. Our advice – ignore it. You should only spend what feels right for you and what you can afford.

Should you buy an engagement ring online?

Yes, you can. With the ever-growing online jewellery business, it’s easy to buy a diamond ring anytime. You have no dearth of options and there are huge discounts you can avail. There is plenty of trusted and reputable online jewellery retailer dealing in Diamond engagement rings. You have the liberty that you get at a store to customize an engagement ring based on your choice of metal, design, setting, stone, and also the stone size so that it can be unique.

You can select from a comprehensive range of rings, gemstones, settings, which means you can custom order a ring to your exact specification and expectation. In short, you don't need to compromise on any front.

Tip: Don’t be lured only by heavy discounts. Look for retailers and jewellers who have been in the business for a long time.

Ask the jeweller about their exchange, warranty, or return policy:

Like we said at the beginning of this post, shopping for an engagement ring isn't easy, and in the moment of excitement, you might forget to consider some crucial aspects. Apart from the design, style, etc. – you should also consider what are jeweller’s exchange, warranty, or return policies if the ring isn't right or becomes damaged.

It is crucial to know in case you purchased the wrong ring, or if it's the wrong size or if you find a fault in the ring. So, when you talk to your jeweller, it is essential to ask about their policies on the exchange, warranty, and returns. Read their website or brochures carefully for "terms and conditions" or see if they have any rules such as being returned within a number of days or the condition the ring has to be the way you received it before returning it.

What insurance do you recommend?

An engagement ring is both a financial and sentimental investment. While insurance definitely isn’t the most romantic part of a proposal or engagement, it will be helpful to you if you do happen to lose or damage the engagement ring. Sometimes things don't go the way we plan. In situations like these, insurance ensures that your ring is in safe hands. Much like any valuable item you have, whether it’s a car, a house or even your health - an engagement ring is also another thing that requires insurance.

Your jeweller is the best source to recommend what kind of insurance you may need. The process is a low cost, hassle-free, and it is completely your choice which insurance company you prefer. With a small price, you can protect your rings for a lifetime. While the hurt of the loss isn’t something can be quite as easily fixed, it may give you some peace of mind knowing that you won’t be left completely empty handed.

Ask your jeweller if you get any added services

You may get some added services or benefits when you buy a diamond engagement ring. For example, cleaning and repair services. An engagement ring is a delicate thing and can get damaged easily. The prongs can bend, a visible scratch or a dent on the ring, or a loose stone, or any other thing. In such cases, your jeweller might offer cleaning and repair services or at least recommend you to one. Sometimes these services are free, but some may overcharge - but it is better if you ask and try your luck.

Can an engagement ring be modified or customized as per your choice?

Sometimes you may not be able to find the PERFECT ring you're looking for. You may find rings that may look better if the colour was different, or if the gemstone was a different cut, or maybe if there was one more stone, etc.

Although, not all jewellers offer this but ask if you can customize or modify current rings as per your choice of metal, design, cut, setting, etc. Also, customization work takes time, so ask for how much time it may take.

An engagement ring is the ultimate romantic act- which is why you should make sure you do it right. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring together or going solo shopping, this list will help you hunt down the right engagement ring.

At GoldeNet, our website services allow you to fully customize your engagement ring from setting choice, diamond and stone choice, to size and band colour. Do you know what the best thing is? These modified and customized rings are delivered to you within a week or so, hassle-free. You will be glad to discover a whole new exciting collection of designer diamond engagement rings for women online on GoldeNet with a vast variety within your budget.