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Is It Really Safe To Buy Diamonds Online?

Few ways to Shield the investment:
Purchasing a diamond is an investment. As any other investment you want to stay risk free. Nowadays e-commerce is becoming popular day by day. So buying jewellery online is also now in trend. But, still there are some buyers who have the perception that buying diamonds online might not be safe. However, it can be far less risky than buying from a store.

Here are few reasons why you should buy online without hesitation:

Sometimes jewellers do not carry a wide variety of stock. So there are chances that you may not get the style or cut you wish to have. In that case, you have to settle for the items they have or search some other store. However, online stores offer you a wide selection at the one place. So now you don’t have to worry about traffic and bad weather you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

The main aim of the stores is to sell diamonds & make profit. It is often observed that they stock 2nd or 3rd diamonds and sell them at high prices. They use the special lighting effects to make their diamond sparkle very brightly. That is why sometimes you fell disappointed, when your diamond doesn’t shine & sparkle the way it did when you in the store. While buying online opens a whole world of diamonds to you have millions of choices with every cut & grade mentioned. The pictures available will show the true sparkle of the diamond without using any fake lighting.

No assistants wandering around you & no sales tax gives you the opportunity to save some money. So it is quite possible that you end up buying a bigger diamond for the same price.

Customer Service:
Customer service is far better in the online stores, as they need to make up for not having any showroom, therefore they are very quick to respond to your queries and give you as much information as possible. You can take as much as time you want to explore any piece of jewellery. However, if in case you are stuck somewhere, you can go to their chat option or call their number to get your query solved or to get any assistance.

Once you select the jewellery piece you have the liberty to compare it with other diamond pieces as well. Check the return policy of the online store before purchasing.

However, with these advantages you also have to keep in mind the following points:

The diamond must be certified by GIA or AGS.

Vendor’s Credentials:
They should be a member of any professional jeweller’s organisation.

All the policies:
Return, guarantee, shipping policies must be clear and should not be ambiguous at all.

The retailer must be reputable and known.

Inspect the diamond:
Get your diamond checked by a professional gemologist. If in case they fail your diamond, than you can return the diamond to the jeweller. That is why it becomes very important to check all the policies.

Learn more about the online store from which you are going to buy diamonds. Happy purchasing!!