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Factors to Determining Cost of The Engagement Ring

If you are thinking to buy an engagement ring you have probably thought of your budget and the cost of the ring you can afford. Many people think that buying an engagement ring means spending a good amount of money i.e. approximately 2 month’s salary for a common man. Knowing the factors that determine the cost of the ring, you can easily evaluate the cost of particular kind of ring. Some of the factors are discussed here that can help you to buy a good ring within your budget.


One of the major factors that contribute to the cost of the engagement ring is the diamond. The bigger the diamond the costlier the ring. If you buy a big diamond ring such as a solitaire, it will cost more as compared to the small diamond ring. If your budget does not allow you to buy a big diamond ring you can buy a ring with a smaller fancy diamond.

The cuts, clarity and colour of the diamonds also play a major role. The beautifully cut, flawless and rarest coloured diamonds cost more as compared to the diamonds with inclusions and of the common white colour.

Metal of The Band

Generally jewellery are made up of precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum etc. the cost of the metal used depends upon the purity of the metal. As all the metal rings are made up of a small percentage of metal alloys and a higher percentage of the pure metal, the more percentage of pure metal the highest the cost of the ring. Platinum costs more than the other metals in same percentage. Nowadays platinum jewellery has become a symbol of status in rich people. Many people choose platinum jewellery as their engagement band. Rose gold, white gold and titanium metals are also used for jewellery purposes. This can also be good option for a unique looking engagement ring.

Online and Offline Purchasing

If you buy a ring online it costs less because online sellers reduce their overhead cost from the actual cost of the ring. This seller provides a wide range of styles and options at a lower cost with negligible shipping charges and even sometimes free delivery. But buying something online has some drawback. You can’t touch or feel the things you buy online; you have to purchase it by only seeing the pictures they have provided. Therefore always make sure that the online merchant has a returns policy, then you can feel assured and happy to purchase online for lower prices.

Designer, Antique or Unique Rings

The designer and unique rings have high prices rather than other rings. Because these rings are designed utilising research on current fashion and trends. These kind of rings are rare in design and look. These rings often can’t be found in ordinary jewellery shops.

Antique rings are only crafted by experienced jewellers. This may cost higher than the other ordinary engagement ring. You can search online for various cost of engagement ring.