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How To Find Out Your Ring Size

Don’t know your Ring Size? Receive a Free Ring Sizer

If you are shopping for a ring and are not sure about the ring size you need, there are a few methods you can use to determine the correct size.

One accurate method to use, the one I am going to speak about now is the ring sizing gauge.

The ring sizing gauge is a plastic gauge which looks exactly like this one. This specific one is an Australian ring sizing gauge. If you are more comfortable using the US sizing scale it is easy to convert, you can refer to our webpage for the conversation.

In order to determine your ring size, wrap the plastic ring sizer around the relevent finger and pull the end through the plastic loop until the ring sizer feels comfortable on your finger. Make sure it feels snug but not too tight. The letter you will see correlates to your ring size.

A few things to note, if the gauge moves to the next size up when you are taking it off your finger you will need to order half a size larger than the size you saw when the gauge was on your finger.

If you are looking to purchase a wide ring over 3.5mm it is also recommended to go 1 to 1 and a half sizes up as a wider band will require a bigger size.

If you wish to receive our free ring sizing gauge please fill in the information in the form below and we will post one out to you.