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Some Noteworthy Things of Loose Diamonds Melbourne

When you are in the marketplace for loose diamonds Melbourne, it may feel overwhelming at first because there are a lot of considerations to take into account. It is essential to evaluate as well as compare diamonds by getting a GIA Grading Report, and have the loose diamond insured and appraised. Securing your investment is especially essential when it comes to diamond stones, as they are generally associated with aspects of our lives that hold deep and sentimental meaning.

How Will You Get the Best One?

Because diamond products are so valuable, you will want to get a diamond grading report for your diamond. The GIA, Gemmological Institute of America developed the 4 characteristics and International Diamond Grading System to neutrally compare as well as evaluate diamonds. The GIA Report includes an evaluation of loose diamond's 4C's - clarity, cut, colour and carat weight - together with a plotted figure of its clarity characteristics and a graphical depiction of the diamond's proportions.

The GIA Laboratory is considered to be the world's most esteemed authority on stone grading. It grades the broad range of the finest diamonds in reality and its reports are globally recognised as the benchmark of superiority. When you buy a loose diamond in Melbourne with a GIA grading report, you can be confident of the highest level of accuracy.

Once you have attained the GIA Grading Report as well as settled on a GIA certified diamond, you will desire to get it appraised. It is imperative to find out the best online store to provide an objective appraisal of your chosen loose diamond. GoldeNet is best for this and can assist you within a short timeframe.

Once you get the appraised value of that GIA certified loose diamond you are buying, it is advised that you consider getting it insured. Purchasing a diamond generally comes with a considerable price tag, and is a thing that you will likely wear daily, in the case of a wedding or engagement ring. With this in mind, it's essential to secure your investment in the case of theft, loss or any kind of wear and tear which can loosen the diamond. Research your choices with regards to renters or homeowner's insurance, as it may be included, however often at lesser limits of liability for jewellery, and may not include damage or loss in all situations. By increasing the limit of liability or else "scheduling" your individual pieces by purchasing "floater" policies, you will pay a higher premium, but will have bigger protection since the floater covers losses of any kind, together with the accidental losses that homeowners insurance may not cover.


There is so much to understand when you are in the marketplace for attractive and lucrative loose diamonds Melbourne. To feel more comfortable with the investment you are about to make, make sure that it comes with a GIA diamond grading report, know the actual worth of the GIA certified stone from an objective and independent appraiser, and insure your diamond jewellery so that no matter what happens anytime in life, you can be assured that your investment is secured.