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Choose Diamond Earrings that Suit You Best

Diamond earrings are possibly the next best choice to purchasing rings and are normally easier on the wallet in several cases. Whether you are newbie or an expert, the following are some handy hints on how to purchase diamond earrings to ensure you have the finest deal to get your money’s worth.

1. All that Glitters

If you purchase diamond earrings they must sparkle brilliantly or else you are missing the absolute point of having a beautiful earring. The shine of a diamond is chiefly determined through the quality and excellence of the cut. Select a higher quality or ‘Good’ grade to get such alluring scintillation.

2. Be shy of whole numbers

Carat is the metric system for assessing the diamonds weight. Higher carat equals greater size and weight. Choose carats as per your need. Bear in mind that each jump in the carat rating to a whole number or a precise half includes a significant jump in the prices as well, so be shy of a complete carat or an exact half to get the best deal.

3. Size does matter

The round brilliant cut will provide the best sparkle but they are a little expensive because of its perfection and beauty. Attractive princess cut stone gives a fine balance of brilliant sparkle and cheaper costs, and it appears bigger.

4. Acceptable imperfections

Generally earrings do not have the close inspection as does a diamond ring, and therefore in some cases it is much more acceptable to have lower clarity ratings than the diamond rings. Keep in mind that clarity ratings do not influence the sparkle, but remember that inclusions can deteriorate diamonds so do not go too low. GoldeNet provides the best quality grading for both rings as well as earrings.

5. Get her a Stud

The best selling diamond earring is always the diamond studded earring style. If you are purchasing diamond stone earrings as a present and unsure of which type to purchase, choosing the classic style is always your safest bet. Better still monitor the kind of earrings she likes to wear and purchase a diamond earring within the style that matches her tastes.

6. Metal gear

Recommended metals for diamond earrings are white gold or platinum as they compliment the diamond stones and make them appear larger. Several people are allergic to white gold because of the nickel alloy generally present in 14K white gold. The silver metal is another good choice for earrings but pure or fine silver (99.99 %) instead of sterling silver is advised as some people can have an allergic reaction to the alloy present in sterling silver.

7. Trust but verify

It is recommended to ensure that the diamonds for your diamond earrings arrive with a proper report document. Also ask for a return policy as well as understand the terms in it.

8. Diamonds and rust

Well, diamonds don't rust but they do get dirty in most cases and they need to be perfectly cleaned to preserve their sparkle. Moreover, diamonds can scratch from one another and this is a general issue with diamond earrings as they are generally kept together. Hence, when you purchase diamond earrings, ensure to ask and learn how to take a good care of them, store and clean them properly.

These were some essential tips to consider when you are concerned with having the best diamond earrings.