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The Historical Significance of Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are very fashionable and most favoured choice for couples nowadays in their choices for wedding and engagement rings. The styles as well as the craftsmanship of the rings are much better than many of the contemporary made rings and the history which arrives from the rings can be very interesting too, and they may be more inexpensive than modern rings.

The Historical Antique Rings

There are three different styles of antique engagement rings; they are the Victorian Era, Edwardian Era and the Art Deco Era. Every style has its own unique as well as stylish features for the three eras.

The Victorian Era antique rings were generally made out of rose or yellow coloured gold. They had diamond stones, but also would utilise different gems such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, pearls, just to name a few. They also perfectly use coloured diamonds that had yellow, green or rose tints to them. The patterns and designs generally ranged from simple to very elegant. The diamond stone from that period also had what was considered as the mine cut that was an additional facet row cut at the base of the diamond. This was carried out to help the rings shine in the candle light environments. Several think the Victorian rings to be a very romantic engagement and wedding rings era.

The Edwardian Era antique rings were the foremost rings to be composed of platinum. It was the creation of the oxyacetylene torch which made it feasible to work with the platinum. Many of these had rose cut diamonds or else sapphires in them. The engagement rings had scrollwork, milgraining, filigree detail, and lacy as well as pierced shapes in them. They are extremely elegant looking rings.

The Art Deco Era antique engagement rings had Native American, Asian and Egyptian influences in their designs. Many of these style rings were built from platinum. These rings had colourful stones and also the diamonds in them. The antique rings at the end of the era went for a modernised geometric design also having diamonds in them.

It is significant to remember that the jewellers of this era graded their diamonds on a distinct scale then the modern jewellers. Moreover, the colour and contrast of the diamonds was for more imperative than clarity. Modern diamonds are chiefly white in colour, therefore clarity is an issue in the modern stones.

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