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Do You NEED Antique Engagement Rings Insurance?

What? Is this a thing?
Okay I know about this. But what is the point in this.
Fine I will get it.
Yes I have to get it done.

Well the insurance of the engagement ring must not fall under ‘Fine I will get it’ it must lie in ‘Yes I have to get it done’. You must take it seriously. Think about the time, money, energy and love your man invested in buying the most beautiful gem for you. Think about the emotions attached to this jewel. Are you ready for the insurance now? If not, we will help you understand the reasons.

1. The time

Your man took the maximum amount of time in finding a gem like you. So isn’t it obvious that he would have spent a lot of time in selecting the best for his best. He would have been surfing online for weeks, reading almost all the articles which says ‘How to buy an Engagement ring?’ and searching every jeweller possible. For this precious time which he spent, insure your ring.

2. The Love:

For the love of your man in which you are drenched, you need to do this. He is there for you always, for your protection. He is protecting his love. But are you doing this. Obviously you love your antique engagement rings more than anything. Think of how you would feel if they get stolen or lost. You will be crushed emotionally. But why hurt the pocket. Let’s save everyone from this despair. Insuring your ring will ensure that you get a new baby for your finger and for your heart.

3. The monetary reason:

I understand that money doesn’t stand a chance in between love. But you have to understand that the ring is expensive in every possible term. As mentioned earlier, it is emotionally important. You spent a hefty amount in purchasing this stone. Even if you get a handsome deal the money was important to you. Again the price tag isn’t that important but the effort you put into designing and the ring and finding the best ring to purchase.

How to Do It:

Do not worry about how to get it done. It is a very easy and hassle free process which can be done immediately after buying the ring. Or insurance, the appraisal can be submitted to any insurance company which you prefer. You can also get it added to your home owners or renters insurance.

Still thinking whether to buy it or not?

Okay time granted. But remember that this is a very inexpensive policy, which takes premium yearly to ensure a minimal amount possible and keeps it protected for lifetime. Well I won’t say it is costly if it is allowing you peace of mind and helping your pocket.

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