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Latest Trends in Diamonds and Jewellery

As modern style changes quite a lot, jewellery has started to undergo very large changes which are considered very fashionable. Until now, jewellery was easy stated, overly adorned, or unique, and several pieces outside of this were considered to be high modern style. In the recent times, however, the rule of single but several pieces of tiny jewellery has been tossed to the wayside, as chunky finger circle and jewels and even floral designs have moved in creating jewellery statements, from celebrities to local trendsetters.

Let’s explore the Latest Trends of this year

While the starting of the trend is uncertain, it is at least rooted in the "bling" culture made popular by hip hop artists and followers. The trend started by wearing as many diamonds one can probably fit on to a piece of jewellery or on to any item that will hold them, but has slowly morphed into a trend of wearing huge jewels.

This year is expected to continue the trend, with several top celebrities refusing to being seen without their chunky cocktail diamond rings. These celebrities are Pink, Beyonce, and Cheryl Cole. Pop songstress Rihanna has now been spotted wearing quite a chunky ring on her engagement finger, making rumours of a New year's Eve proposal from long-time "close friend" Chris Brown.

Other jewellery designs expected to feel a resurgence in fashion this year is the floral design. Floral inspired rings decorated with diamonds and precious metals and these are expected to be among the biggest trends in bridal wear this year. As floral style has been growing highly famous among brides for a while now, the rings are exquisite and very feminine, this beauty is contributing to their comeback time after time to the forefront of jewellery chic.

Jewellery colours are always part of the trend, and this year looks like being the year for green and brown. In addition to the classics such as turquoise, emeralds are set to have a rise in fame, making their way from "tea party" culture back to the in fashion and urban market. When it comes to brown, all from beads to quartz is expected to get famous. Even though most of all, champagne and cognac diamonds are taken to be among the year's trendiest and biggest purchasing jewels. A chocolate coloured pearl has even been launched, signifying that even the pearl industry is on top of the modern fashion.

White gold and silver remain perennial choice; this year seems to be combining the two brining them to the forefront, such the metals unite to produce a number of unique geometric pieces that look only the origin of a stylish new trend. Part of the beauty of white gold is the stark contrast it gets from a gemstone, especially the vibrant red of a ruby or the beautiful green of an emerald. This closeness of colours is expected to be a huge look for this year.

Diamond jewellery, of course, is taken to be as famous as past years. While some colours and styles might change from year to year, diamonds look to be everybody's choice. While the trends might change to chunky and coloured diamonds, there is no doubt that classic for example the teardrop pendant and the one stone engagement ring would be as famous as ever before.

With a specialised and personal background in jewellery, style, beauty, and design this article is written to support readers and help them to understand a little more about the latest trends of diamonds and jewellery in the year 2017.