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Latest Hot Trends of Engagement Rings in Melbourne

Engagement is the lovely event that binds two hearts, souls and bodies together for a lifetime. The engagement is sealed as well as stamped by the exchange of rings among the bride & the groom.

Engagement rings are not just ordinary rings. It must reflect your style and individuality. In some traditions, the bride, as well as the groom, wore rings of the similar design. Stylish and attractive bands in diverse metals, colours, and designs presently replace this trend.

Lets Know the hot Trends of Engagement rings in Melbourne

Diamond Rings:

As it is well known that diamonds are women's and girls best friends, they are always in high demand. Diamond stones will remain trendy forever. Some of the very popular trends in diamond engagement rings is 14k Two Tone Diamond Band. Such rings generally come in gold and white colour.

14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Bands:

Diamond and white gold is an amazing combination, again which will all the time remain trendy. According to your budget, you can either choose to get diamonds studded all over the ring, or you can have 2 or 3 diamond stones. The price of the engagement ring will depend on the clarity as well as the weight of the diamond. You can look to spend anywhere from $1500 and upwards for the beautiful and real diamond ring.

Gold Engagement Rings in Melbourne are very popular and will carry on to be so for eternity most likely. Purchasing rings in gold is a kind of investment since the price of gold will always increase. Several of the hot and amazing trends in 2017 in gold engagement ring would be 14K Gold Tri-Colour engagement bands in comfort fit, Designer 14k Gold engagement Bands, and 14k Gold Celtic Comfort Fit engagement Bands.

Celtic engagement bands are presently one of the favourites amongst young couples. Such rings are considered as a piece of art and are generally handcrafted.

Titanium Rings:

Titanium is actually a metal which is lightweight and is one of the imminent trends in hot and designer jewellery. Moreover, these rings are available in the economy range. For the individuals that not wanting to splurge heavily on engagement rings; titanium rings provide the best and suitable solution.

Titanium rings containing diamonds would be one of the very popular trends in 2017. Titanium engagement rings generally come in white color; thus they provide the effect of platinum. These are available in a range of prices depending on the diamond mounted. Apart from these, gemstones & artistically designed engagement rings will rule the engagement ring trends in the year 2017.

One of the most imperative things to keep in mind while purchasing engagement ring Melbourne is that you must buy them from a reliable and popular online shop. Compare the prices prior to making a final decision. Goldenet is the one which you can trust as they are known for their trustworthy and high-quality services. It is the best place for real and loose diamonds.